Friday, August 7, 2015

Weekend in Bishopville

In January we visited the Hawkins for the weekend.  Juanita and Shannon Mask joined us too, so we had a great weekend.  I had made Jarin a birthday cake, so we took it along and celebrated.
 Hawkins household
 We took a walk on Saturday around the property
 Treehouse hangout in process
 Sammy is working on it for the kids
 Shannon, Wilson, Katie, Justin and Jarin
 Sheri with their sweet hound dog
 Mike and Sammy discussing treehouse building
 Deer prints
 They have an original settlers cabin on their property, so we toured that
 Jarin had fun setting up Mouse Trap
 And the rest of the kids had fun playing Scattergories
 Toward the evening, Sammy took the kids out to practice target shooting
 Justin built a fire (it was cold!)
 The boys shot rifles, shotguns, a pistol and a revolver.

 Fire pit that evening
 We roasted a few s'mores before it got dark.  Juanita, Mike, Sheri, Jarin, Shannon, Justin and Katie
 We went to special meeting in the morning, so snapped a few pictures.
Jarin, Katie, Wilson, Shannon and Justin
 Us 4
 Shannon and Katie
 Wilson, Sammy, Katie and Sheri
 Shannon and Juanita
A great weekend had by all!

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Donna and Jim said...

Hey Traci! I'm so glad you are back. I've missed you!!