Sunday, November 23, 2014

Middle School fundraiser party

I helped out at Jarin's school's fundraiser party for the kids who sold 10 items.  They had a giant hamster ball that the kids rolled in.  
 And they played "Booger Wars".  Basically it's like dodgeball with 2 huge noses with bean bags of 2 colors in them.
 And a game truck

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Birthday Surprise

For my birthday this year my BFF Marissa surprised me by flying in for a long weekend!!  We had a blast!  I didn't get many pictures, but I think she has some on her phone.
 My b'day dessert
 We hit Cabelas for Ladies Day and watched a pro billiards player
 and checked out the RV's
 Then we headed downtown and watched people rappelling off the BOA building.
 And saw some musicians

 and a wedding!
It was a great weekend and I felt bad for Jeff (her husband) as he had to deal with a sick little girl all weekend.  Thanks again for surprising me, Marissa and thanks to Jeff for letting you come visit!!