Thursday, September 11, 2014

Summer camp Day 3

On day 3 we hiked the long trek out to the climbing coarse so the boys could repel.  Jarin was hitting the point of exhaustion on this day, hence the look.
 The 60 foot climbing tower.
 He tried his best to repel, but his legs just kept bending.  Even when we sent Mr. L up there to help coach him down (he is our Troop climbing instructor), he had a tough time with going down.
 We finally had to have him walk down, but he wasn't about to give up yet as you will see in future posts.  We had a long talk hiking back about not giving up and trying your best.  
Meanwhile back at camp, the boys had a service project to complete.  Build a picnic table.  
 And one of the older Scouts helped to work with the younger to reinforce the knot tying skills.

 Later that evening it poured rain.  Our new tent stayed dry as a bone inside, even though it was a wash outside!
Jarin wanted to go up to the handicraft pavilion and do some leatherwork.
 Practicing on scrap leather.
 Making his belt
 Once it was made, it had to be stained and left to dry.  He wears it quite a bit.
Video of his attempt at rappelling.  He is the one on the Right.  The boy on the Left (also in our Troop) gave it his best shot too, but the two of them just couldn't do it.

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