Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sugar Land Skeeters game

 The boys wanted to go to one more Skeeters game before we left, so we got tickets to a game.
At that game they were giving away free tickets to the game on Memorial Day, since most of the kids were in school and they were afraid their attendance would be down.
 We contacted Jarin's buddy Collin's parents and they were o.k. with us taking him out of school and taking the boys to the game on Monday.  Nothing like playing hooky for baseball!
The military was there, so the boys got to check out the rigs.

 The last stall in the restroom is "The Throne Room".  Fitting...
 Playing ball.  The game started late after a rain delay, got put under a severe weather warning and eventually got cancelled.  It was down pouring when we left so Mike came up to the front with the truck and picked us up.  
 During one of the rain delays, Gary Gaetti was signing autographs, so the boys went down to get one.  Jarin is on his Right.

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