Thursday, August 28, 2014

Justin's Eagle Scout Ceremony

The night school let out (and the night before we left Texas), we had Justin's Eagle Scout Ceremony.  Mike was MC.  Mr. Mueller, his project mentor also spoke about the project and Justin's work.
Mr. Lawrence spoke and helped present the Order of the Arrow Award.
 The OA boys read the OA oath and helped present for his participation in OA.
 Mr. Wittig, the Scoutmaster gave a speech about Justin's dedication to Scouting.
 The Eagle Scout oath was recited.
 He was awarded his Eagle Scout scarf
and pin.
 Then it was Justin's job to present pins.  This was his mentor, Mr. Mueller.
Eagle Scout Mom pin
 Eagle Scout with his parents
And then it was open mike.  Mr. Fertitta spoke.
and Mrs. Lawrence
and Mr. Luckett
 Then it was time for cake

 I arranged the water bottles in the flour de leis pattern.  A great evening!

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