Friday, August 29, 2014

The long drive to South Carolina

So our move took us on a caravan (Mike in the truck with Justin and our dog, Maddie, and I in the car with Jarin and our cat, Shadow).  We put Shadow in Maddie's dog crate along with her litter box and bed and beach towels.  We gave both pets water, but didn't feed them until the first night in Alabama. We drove 2 straight 8 hour days and crossed 6 states to our house.
 This was my view for the drive (Mike pulling the trailer with his truck).  We had to have some necessities to live in the apartment, so hauled them out to the house in a U-Haul.
 I took this one for my Washington friends and family.  This was in Louisiana.  Guess there is more than 1 Oak Harbor in the U.S!
 One of our pit stops in Houma, Louisiana.  We stopped frequently to let the dog out and give Shadow some air.  Both pets travelled great and did well in the hotel room for the night.
 By day 2, Shadow was done with riding, but she was a champ.  This picture was taken by Jarin and it just cracks me up.
 We are in South Carolina and climbing to Greenville!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Justin's Eagle Scout Ceremony

The night school let out (and the night before we left Texas), we had Justin's Eagle Scout Ceremony.  Mike was MC.  Mr. Mueller, his project mentor also spoke about the project and Justin's work.
Mr. Lawrence spoke and helped present the Order of the Arrow Award.
 The OA boys read the OA oath and helped present for his participation in OA.
 Mr. Wittig, the Scoutmaster gave a speech about Justin's dedication to Scouting.
 The Eagle Scout oath was recited.
 He was awarded his Eagle Scout scarf
and pin.
 Then it was Justin's job to present pins.  This was his mentor, Mr. Mueller.
Eagle Scout Mom pin
 Eagle Scout with his parents
And then it was open mike.  Mr. Fertitta spoke.
and Mrs. Lawrence
and Mr. Luckett
 Then it was time for cake

 I arranged the water bottles in the flour de leis pattern.  A great evening!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fifth grade End of Elementary School walk

I apologize that I'm so far behind on these pictures, but I will get caught up soon.
As per tradition at Jarin's school, the 5th graders get to walk the halls the last day of school.  The 5th grade parents come and in the other grades, the kids sit in the hall and high 5 them as they go by.
This is Jarin with his buddy Nick.
 Here they come!
 They do several pass by's

 Mrs. B was retiring last year, so she made things light hearted (many of the students were crying as it would be their last year to see friends).
 Then all the teachers lined up to say goodbye and that brought more tears...

Jarin with his buddy, Collin.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Goodbye party for Mike

Mike's office threw him a going away party a couple days before we left.  Since Justin was out of school early and Jarin had a play day at school, I picked them up and brought them to the office.  About 15-20 of his co-workers gathered to say farewell to him.  He will see some of them from time to time in the office out here, but it was a nice way to say goodbye.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fifth Grade Graduation a.k.a. Fifth Grade Farewell

Jarin had his 5th grade farewell the last week of school.  One of our very talented 5th grade Moms made the cupcakes.

 Nicely done with grad hats and diplomas!

 Jarin, Mr. Serious
 They sang songs to the teachers and parents...
 and received rewards for participating in events throughout the year.  Jarin got recognized in Choir.
 Soon to be 6th grader; with his 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Goodwin
 Family photo op

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Last year as an Astronaut

This was Jarin's last year as a Stephen F. Austin Elementary Astronaut.  For the last week, there was fun activities planned for the 5th graders.  This was "Space Camp Day".  They dress like Astronauts, go in the shuttle and ride a bike and see what the effects are on their blood pressure and pulse.
 I volunteered for this experiment and spent the day out there.  A fun ending to 5th grade.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sugar Land Skeeters game

 The boys wanted to go to one more Skeeters game before we left, so we got tickets to a game.
At that game they were giving away free tickets to the game on Memorial Day, since most of the kids were in school and they were afraid their attendance would be down.
 We contacted Jarin's buddy Collin's parents and they were o.k. with us taking him out of school and taking the boys to the game on Monday.  Nothing like playing hooky for baseball!
The military was there, so the boys got to check out the rigs.

 The last stall in the restroom is "The Throne Room".  Fitting...
 Playing ball.  The game started late after a rain delay, got put under a severe weather warning and eventually got cancelled.  It was down pouring when we left so Mike came up to the front with the truck and picked us up.  
 During one of the rain delays, Gary Gaetti was signing autographs, so the boys went down to get one.  Jarin is on his Right.