Friday, June 20, 2014

Moving on out

So our house sold in a day and we had 3 weeks to vacate.  Thankfully, Mike's company moved us, so they got the task of boxing and packing.
 We moved to a temporary corporate apartment and ended up going a little earlier than we had planned as our dishes were packed up the first day, so we couldn't even eat breakfast there.
 They loaded us on day 2 and I cleaned behind them as we were to close the following morning.  Nothing like last minute!

 The empty house almost echoed.  Hard to believe we lived there 9 years.  That was the longest we have ever lived anywhere since we've been married.
 Master bedroom
 Master bathroom
 Jarin's room
 Justin's room
 Guest room
 Upstairs bath

We are slowly getting settled in here at our new house, although I am tired of looking at boxes!  I realized that we were always fortunate to move into new houses, so I could just unpack.  With purchasing an existing home, a lot of cleaning has to be done before you can unpack your things.  The couple who lived here before us, moved out about a year ago, so there is a lot of dust.  It does feel good to make it home though.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pawm Springs Dog Park

While our house was for sale, I had to find ways to entertain Maddie when it was shown.  One of the things she liked to do was to go to Pawm Springs Dog Park.
 Climbing ramps and fire hydrants are a dog's dream.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Purple black belt

Jarin took one more Karate test before we left to get his Purple/Black Belt
 Demonstrating self defense
 Board breaking with his foot
 He did it!
 With the belt testing group
 With his instructor, Sensei Shawn
We hope he will continue here in SC, but he has reservations.  He's about 3 years away from his black belt.  We will probably try out some martial arts studios when school starts.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Eagle Scout Project

Justin wanted to work hard to complete his Eagle Scout Project before we left Texas.  He got wind of something that was needed to be done about two storage barns at one of the parks used by the Texas Naturalists.  One of the storage units was built by one of the other Scouts in our Troop.  The unit was a mess.  The shelves were too high to hold appropriate materials and birdseed was spilled all over the floor.  When they started the project and went to sweep it out, they had to evict a family of mice.  It was truly a mess!
The other unit had cubbies that were used just to throw things in, but no directions as to what to put where.  More disorganization.
 The second building also held a riding mower with a tow behind plow like implement.
 Storage would need to be built with the idea of being able to get the mower and lawn implement out.
 Starting the project
 Shelving built over the top of the lawn implement, so that it would be easy to get out and put back.
 The other issue with the sheds was shovel, rake and how storage.  They were heaped and falling down against one wall.  Justin's Eagle Advisor was able to get some heavy duty galvanized storage racks that hook to peg board to hang them.  I drove across town one day to pick them up.
 Finishing touches.  A couple more cubbies to help with organization.
 And pegboard with hooks works great to keep everything organized.
 A great project that took a lot of work and help from some of the Scouts in his Troop.  
Our (soon to be) Eagle Scout.