Monday, April 21, 2014

More of South Carolina

So, everyone was right, the house we chose is #4.  Now we wait to see if the repairs will be done, before we can close on that house.  We are excited though.
Here is a shot of the Reedy River downtown.  It's a park with walking trails and very pretty.

 The downtown area is really neat.  Small-ish feel with lots of neat little shops, restaurants, coffee shops etc.  I think we will enjoy this town!
 Heading toward downtown, I had a feeling like I was back in Beaverton, Oregon.  Lots of trees and hills.  The town reminds me a lot of a miniature Portland, Oregon.
 Some history with the Cherokee indians there as well.
 The walking trail is also wide enough that you see joggers and bikers as well.  It's a long trail that covers 14 miles.  It's called the Swamp Rabbit Trail.
 The boys had had enough of house hunting, so we took them to the Fun Park to ride go-carts.