Monday, September 16, 2013

Safari Animal Park

The morning of the day we left California, we headed up to Safari Park.
 Showing us the monitor lizard
 With an elephant
 Looking out over the park
 We didn't take the balloon ride as we could see almost everything from the platform.
 Big paw, small hand
 Her eye isn't really red, it was just a reflection off the glass

 It was a hot day (104*), so the cheetah's were lounging in the shade.
 and the rhinos were taking a mud bath

 At the petting zoo

 Turkey vultures

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

San Diego evening

So we stayed in the Hilton on the San Diego waterfront.  I booked a Coronado Bridge view room, but somehow they forgot to tell us that it overlooked the Dole Pineapple packing plant.  Oh well, we still enjoyed the view (and the pool), and did I mention they had a Starbucks on the bottom floor (big plus!)
 I had reserved a nice restaurant for the last evening we were there.  It's called "The Marine Room" and it was wonderful.  Right on the beach on LaJolla where we had kayaked the first day we were there.  
 The food was wonderful
 They even made Jarin some chicken and noodles

 The view
 Beach watchers
 After we ate, we couldn't resist going back down to Scripps Park to see the sea lions again.
 California sunset

 This guy was on the rocks
 and gave us a little look

 Tami had a little talk with him and told him just how handsome he was.  
 Doing her best sea lion impression.

 A fun evening...

Monday, September 2, 2013

Aquarium of the Pacific

We spent a morning at the Aquarium of the Pacific before heading back to San Diego.
Tami feeding the lorakeets
 Ray feeding tank

 The halibut took the bait
 Penguin feeding

 Petting a leopard shark
 and a hammerhead

 The big ones
 A lot of neat exhibits from each different ocean