Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 2 and 3 at Disneyland

Grizzly River Run rapids ride
 The new entrance to California Adventure
 From California Screamin' ride
 Mickey dance group

 Hollywood backlot
 Downtown Radiator Springs
 Cozy Cones
 The characters all talked.  Lightening McQueen
 Red, the firetruck
 Luigi's Flying Tires ride was fun while it lasted.  It broke down while we were on it.  It's like a giant air hockey table.  To move the tires, you have to lean the direction you want to go.
 Go Left!!
 Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.  It was hot!
 The Autopia cars
 Tea cups
 Pixar's Parade in California Adventure

 Best new ride!  Radiator Springs Racers

 Goofy's dance troupee
 Jarin with Walt Disney
 On Buena Vista Street in California Adventure, you look around and there are all kinds of characters dressed up.  We found a couple for a snapshot.
 Playing in the Redwood Forest

 We met Dug.  He was busy taking pictures and Jarin yelled "Squirrel" and he turned around.  Very cute character.

 And Jarin learned how to be a "Wilderness Explorer"
 With Russell
 At Fisherman's Wharf.  Touring the San Francisco Sourdough factory.
Scariest ride ever.  It feels like you are going to drive right off the edge of the track.
 Back at Disneyland, we found Cruella Deville.

 It was a hot day, so we stopped by the Tiki Room for some Dole whips and watched the birds sing.
 Then we rode the last raft over to Tom Sawyer's Island (more like a pirate island now) and explored the island and some of the caves.

 Riding the giant Mickey Wheel
 Paradise Pier
 Waiting for World of Color to start
 World of Color light and water show

 One last ride on the Radiator Springs Racers before we bid goodbye to Disneyland

 Radiator Springs at night.  As Mater says "Cutest little town in the West".
Mickey dance video

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