Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Karate Belt Testing

In June, Jarin had karate belt testing for his Blue/Black belt.

 I've mentioned before that I like this karate class as, unlike some others, they teach self defense.  Here he is working with Hannah on takedowns.
 And she's down

 This time around they were challenged to break the board with their foot instead of their fist.  He did it!
All the new belts with Mrs. Carolyn and Sensei Shawn.
 Jarin with his instructors

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Birthday boy

Justin turned 14 in June.  He got a lot of neat things.  He really liked the Philmont gift cards that he could spend at Philmont.  

 Neat dreamcatcher
 This fun chair was a lifesaver at Philmont.  Mike liked it so well, he bought one for himself.  It's a Helix chair.
 An OA Belt buckle from Jarin
 Putting the chair together.

 Even Maddie liked it!  Thank you Auntie Tami & Uncle Vil!
 His ice cream cake

Monday, July 22, 2013

Solar Oven cooking

Jarin's GT class put together a Solar Oven Cooking Presentation for the parents in the Spring.  Here is 1/2 the class.  Each one got to do part of the large presentation, then they broke off into groups of 2 to present their individual findings.
 After that we went outside to cook smores.  The sun wasn't really out, but the Texas heat did a good job of partially melting the chocolate.

 Mike met us there too, so he got in on the fun of solar oven smore cooking!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cub Scout Graduation

In mid-May, our Cub Scout Pack held their annual Graduation ceremony.  This time we had a parent put together a game of "Are you Tougher than a Cub Scout?"
The challenge for our rank was fire building.  The boys struggled to get theirs going, while I'm proud to report, that us adults fired it up in no time.
 Mr. R, their fearless leader, trying to give them some hints/tricks.  They actually went over this at the Patrol meeting prior to the graduation, but I think some forgot.
 Doing the "Invisible Bench" skit.  Note:  That is NOT my child in the red shorts.
 This year's gift was a nice hydration pack, that they will use once they cross over to Boy Scouts in December.
 One of our Scout parents is a police officer who is also a Taser trainer.  He brought the Taser out to show the boys how it works and how they catch criminals.
Our loyal volunteer fire department came to cool everybody off.
The kids and adults had fun playing in the water.
 Jarin was soaked!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Field Day 2013

Jarin's Field Day this year was in early May as opposed to the last week of school, like in the past.  The weather was actually cool, which meant no water play, but the kids didn't seem to mind and I enjoyed coming to watch and help.
Dodge ball
The parachute
 Who hid the kids?
 The big slide
Obstacle course

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nature's bounty

Just a couple things we got out of the garden and containers this spring.  We are about done with the summer gardening and going to plant for fall soon.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ending of a great day

After Justin and I left the Lexington, we headed down to North Padre Island.  We found a great little seafood place called "Snoopy's on the Pier" and ate out on the water.
 For a minute I thought I was back in Seattle!
 After dinner we drove down to check out Mustang Island State Park.
 You can camp along the beach here!

 On our way back to the hotel we were treated to a beautiful sunset.  We stopped to take it all in.  
Ever held the sun in your hand??

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

U.S.S. Lexington

Jarin's Spring campout was down at the Lexington Aircraft carrier in Corpus Christi.  We all went down to see the ship and Mike and Jarin camped on board with the Scouts.

 The Scouts who were spending the night were allowed on the ship at 3 p.m.  Since Justin and I weren't staying on board, we payed admission to take some of the other tours and we boarded a couple hours earlier.

 Mike and Jarin out on the jetty
 Captain Justin
 The Blue Angels plane
 Lexington sleeping quarters
 The engine room, reportedly the most haunted room in the ship.
 Long hallways like this adorn the ships decks

 Dentist's office

 A Brown's pelican

 Having fun after Justin and I left.
More Corpus pictures coming soon...