Thursday, May 16, 2013


I promise I will post DC pictures as soon as Justin is available to go through them with me.  You know how kids are...700 pictures and many of the same thing.  Not ever having been there, I am not sure what is what, but we will get them in order!
These past two weeks have been CRAzy!  Mike was in California last week and in South Carolina this week, so I've been a single Mom.  Hard to keep up the pace.  I'm also teaching Junior Achievement (social studies unit) to two 4th grade classes and trying to keep my head above water with PTO activities.  My true exhaustion from this pace is taking it's toll on me.  Today as I was preparing to start my lecture in front of one of the classes, one of the students in the front said to me "Mrs. K, are you wearing two different shoes?".  I looked down, and to my chagrin, I was!  Mind you, they are the same style (I liked them so well, I bought two pairs in slightly different colors).  I wasn't sure if I was or not, but I mumbled "oh probably", and went on with the class, doing my best not to let my shoes be seen (not an easy task, mind you).  Anyway, I'm looking forward to only 3 weeks of school left when I can relax the pace a little!  Countdown to summer is on!!!


Donna and Jim said...

You are so funny! At least you made it seem normal and maybe you just created a new elementary school fad!

Tami Asars said...

Deep are almost done for the year!