Thursday, February 7, 2013

Organization finally!

I don't sew very much, but I did have a basket from a LONG time ago.  In the basket went thread, ribbon, rulers, embroidery thread/hoops, elastic, etc.  It was a mess!  And then, one of the hinges broke, so I would have to hold the top on any time I tried to sew.  In short, it was in bad need of replacing.
 A tangled mess of stuff!
 I happened to be next door to a JoAnn's Fabrics store and went in to see what they had.  As luck would have it, baskets were 50% off!  I grabbed the biggest one I could find and set home to do a little organizing.
 It's nice to have a little organization if your life once in a while!
 The inside of the basket is still full, but most stuff is in bags/boxes and much easier to find in a short minute.  Now if only I could find time to sew!!

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The J's said...

Very nice! I really crave organization but have a difficult time accomplishing it as I have way too much stuff. It's very hard to get anything done when it's all in a mess or you can't find it.