Saturday, February 2, 2013

Blog friends unite!

So the story goes that I happened by this lady at Georgetown!  I recognized her right away as one of Maxine's girls (Jeanne).  It was nice to finally get acquainted with her a bit.  And in case you're counting, that's 3 out of the 11 that I've met so far, so Maxine, if you are reading this, just another excuse for you to finally make the trip down here!
 The "O's".  And this post is special as I am pretty sure that Jeanne is due to have baby #3 here very soon!  Such cute kiddos too!  Jeanne (& Floyd), come our way again soon!  It was great to meet you!!


The J's said...

Aw! This was fun to read! I'm glad you got to meet up finally. I still really do hope to get down there some time, and getting to meet you is definitely on my list!

Alison said...

So fun! Someday we should have a blogging reunion except most of us have never really met so what would you call that? Blog Friends Unite (your title) would be perfect!