Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Skeeters Scout Night

The weekend before school started, the Scouts were invited to the Skeeters game.  They got to walk the field and then spend the night.  Jarin on the Right.
 Koby Clemens (Roger Clemen's son) plays for the Skeeters

 And look who's name was drawn to be in the blue lotto uniform!
 The guy who made the funnel cakes didn't know how to shut off the machine!
 A beautiful moonlit night
 At the end of the game, the Scouts got to run the bases.  Jarin in blue.

 Heading for home

Fall Court of Honor

Justin received several merit badges at the Fall Court of Honor
 A short speaking part
 Mike narrating a Summer camp tale
 Adult awards
 More awards

Joel's birthday-July 2013

Trying to play catch up at the end of the year.  We had a birthday celebration for Joel in July.  My attempts at an ice cream cake failed, but at least I tried.  
Happy Birthday Joel!

Friday, December 13, 2013

End of summer vacation

In August we decided to take a quick summer vacation and head over to San Antonio.  We spent a night at the JW Marriott and enjoyed the water park there.  Morning coffee on the patio.

 Jarin in the lazy river

 One of the slides
 The main kids pool.  It's not very deep, but refreshing in the hot summer sun!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Philmont-last days

The Scouts woke up to rain one morning, so donned their rain gear and headed down the trail.

 Rifle shooting

 Foraging a stream

 Philmont owner's hunting cabin

 Part of being a guest at Philmont involves a community service project.  The boys had to work together to help pave a new trail.

 Indian camp

 Checking out arrowheads
 Philmont rainbow
 Bow & Arrow 

 Another cabin

 Bear rug

 Fly tying stop

 Trying to get it just right

 Practice casts

 Trying his hand at fly fishing
 Mr. L was the only one of the group who caught anything

 Heading back out on the trail

 Camp one morning

 Snack break

 Desert in bloom
 Cleaning off in the creek after many days w/o a shower.
 Justin got to raise the flag for the evening ceremony

 Back to base camp

 Philmont museum general store

 Goodbye Philmont!  Thanks for showing the boys a good time!