Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween flashback Part 2

One year for Halloween I was living with my sister and friend, Jen.  Jen had no trouble asking for things or talking her way into or out of any situation.  We made plans that year to have a "Fall Festival" complete with carnival style games etc.  The only trouble was that we needed a place to host it, preferably something to fit the scene which involved bales of hay to block off each game "booth".  As we were driving through the town of North Bend, we spotted a nice barn that would be perfect for the festival.  We stopped and Jen knocked on the door of the farmer's house.  Would he mind if we invited 40 or 50 something teens/college age kids to his barn for a festival.  Surprising enough, he was in (remember Jen could talk her way into anything).  He said that would be fine, but we needed to be aware he kept his nice horse in there (he'd put her in her stall for the party) and he mentioned in passing that he had a curious goat, who really wouldn't bother anyone, but might come to check us out.  Fast forward to the day before the party.  I had another friend named Jen who loved to cook and bake, so we had a heyday in the kitchen concocting some punch complete with dry ice and we made the perfect sheet cake as well.  We took our time to carefully make a scary graveyard scene on the top with Milano cookies decorated to a "T".  I arrived early the evening of the festival to set everything up.  I got the table out for the food and took the cake out of the car, being careful not to break anything on our masterpiece.  I got it in place on the table and went back to the car for the punch bowl.  As I walked back in I spotted something on the table.  Could it be?  There was the goat, enjoying our chocolate cake.  He looked at me so puzzled, figuring I'd just delivered his dinner.  Thankfully, after I scared him away, we were able to salvage 1/2 the cake, but it didn't look the same.  The evening was fun with games & costumes.  Another fun year in the books!

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Tami Asars said...

This post is making me laugh out loud. I'd forgotten all about that goat eating the cake. What a riot! That barn is still there and every time I pass it, I think of Jen cold-calling the owner and talking her way into that party. She should have gone into sales! :). Thanks for the giggles.