Monday, September 10, 2012

Scout night at the Ball park

After karate belt testing, we hightailed it over to our local minor league team's new ballpark for Scout night.  Our Pack paraded around the field before the game along with other packs around town.
Gary Gaetti is the manager for the Skeeters.  He has played for several major league teams, including the Twins
Constellation field

Mike got a kick out of this stall in the men's room.
 The only throne at the ball park
After the games, there was Elvis themed fireworks and the boys spent the night.  I forgot to get a kennel set up for Maddie, so I came home that night.  They had a great evening, even if it meant coming home full of mosquito bites.  I guess they don't call themselves the "Skeeters" for nothing!

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