Thursday, September 6, 2012

Green Belt

The week before school started Jarin had belt testing for karate.

 Showing his moves
 Self defense
 Board breaking

 He earned his green belt!
 The two girls standing next to the instructor are classmates of Jarin's at school too.
 Our Karate kid
 Video clip of the routine


Alison said...

I honestly don't get how they break boards. OUCH OUCH OUCH! How do you do this?

Love all the updates Traci and I have your mug all packaged up and ready to send. :)

Lani said...

Awesome. I'm actually thinking of enrolling the boys in some sort of martial arts class. I think they'd both like it. Daddy might, too.

Tami Asars said...

So proud of him! It's fantastic that he knows this stuff. Way to go Jarin!

Traci K said...

Alison, pine boards and focus on the floor. It's all about focus. Jarin has broken them over his knee as well. Crazy, I know. Can't wait to have some coffee and dream of Glacier!!:)
Lani, Yes, you should enroll them!! The way I see it is it's a life skill they will take with them throughout life. And I feel better knowing they could defend themselves with self defense if some horrible person tried to grab them. Not every karate instructor teaches this, so be sure to check before enrolling. Good for me to learn too.