Thursday, September 27, 2012

175th Anniversary

Our little town (Small town USA), had it's 175th Birthday celebration last weekend.  It kicked off with a parade.
 Kids and adults dressed in costume from years ago...

 One of the city's old firetrucks
This older couple was my favorite.  They looked like they just "belonged" in that old car.
 And...only in Texas will you find kids riding longhorns!
Wait...what's that I see?  Far Left is my oldest son, Justin.  His troop marched as well in the parade.  They were shouting their troop yell.  I think their flag resembles a Campbell's soup label.

 Even my husband was happy to be in the parade!
Later in the afternoon we came back downtown and checked out the street vendors and watched the local gunslingers put on a wild west shootout.

 We toured the home of the Grandparents of our local mayor.  Our local mayor is 92 years old!!  He has held that position for 63 years!!  The town has erected a statue in his honor.  His Grandpa was a Senator.  The house was originally very plain, but after his Grandpa traveled to Washington DC and saw the White House, he wanted to add on to the front to have it resemble the White House, hence the columns and oval porch.
Later that evening we stopped by the the laser light show.
 Not too bad for Small Town USA!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady

Sometimes I wonder if I'm that "Crazy Cat Lady".  E-how defines a Crazy Cat Lady as someone who will:

    • Stop dating entirely. Stay home on weekends and if you can, live in an elderly community. This way you'll have no chance of meeting men under 80 years old.
    • 2
      Go to your local animal shelter and start adopting. Start small so your other cats can have time to get used to each other but try to work up to five or more cats. They say having more than two cats makes you a cat lady but true cat lady's would be offended by that. You should really have five or more cats to be an authentic cat lady.
    • 3
      Always welcome stray cats. Never say no to a friend or family member or even a stranger who have kittens that need homes.
    • 4
      Purchase everything and anything with cats on them. This includes cat pictures, cat dishware, cat bedding, and of course, a shower curtain with cats on it.
    • 5
      A cat lady must always own a sizeable collection of t-shirts with cats on them, cat pajamas, and cat slippers. This is very important and required its own step.
    • 6
      You now must keep your cats entertained so make sure you stock up on cat toys and cat condos. Cats need stimulation and need a challenge so have an abundance of toys at their reach.
    • 7
      You will need many litter boxes if you still want human visitors. However, cat people are normally very solitary people because the love they get from the cats is enough, so I'll leave this step optional.
    • 8
      Always talk about your cats as if they are your kids, if you still have friends left and family who are still willing to keep their obligatory contact with you. Of course, always talk to your cats. They will understand you, and it will be important for you to know that sometimes they're the only ones who will understand you.

Let's see...

1.  Doesn't apply.  So far my husband tolerates her.
2.  Sticking with one if fine by me.  Our dog would probably enjoy chasing several though.
3.  I think in this case, I'd try to find he/she a home or take to my vet who adopts out strays.
4.  No cat purchases here!
5.  No cat clothing either.
6.  Yes, she has a condo, a whole box of toys and kitty treats (can you say spoiled?)
7.  One litter box is the limit and it stays in the garage.
8.  Of coarse she must be talked to!  After all, she does understand me.:)

So, Crazy Cat Lady or Cat Lover of sorts?  Probably just a cat lover.  At least I hope...

Monday, September 24, 2012

I won!!

I usually don't win anything.  In fact the last thing I won in my life was back in about 5th or 6th grade.  My Mom entered a drawing to win a year's worth of free groceries at a local grocery store's grand opening.  They were also giving away a 3 ft. high stuffed Pink Panther.  Mom got a call that she'd won.  Imagine her disappointment when she found out that she'd won the Pink Panther instead of the groceries.  My sister and I were elated.  We'd take turns letting Pink Panther sleep on our beds and played with him like he was a giant doll of sorts.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  Alison held a drawing on her blog for two beautiful cups with scenery from Glacier National Park.  I commented and won!!  It came in the mail with a nice note and I was thrilled to have morning coffee in my new cup.  Thank you Alison for making my day!!  Maybe I'll try to have a drawing soon just to pay it forward.  As for the Pink Panther??  I still wonder what became of him.  I have a feeling he probably wound up in the bin going to Goodwill years later.  Maybe somebody is loving him now.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend getaway

For our anniversary this year, my husband gave me an early gift...
A weekend away just to shop!
I started in Dallas and spent 2 full days shopping up there.
 Enjoying a night at the Westin's pool
After I had shopped Dallas out, I headed down to the outlet mall(s) at San Marcos and shopped there.  A great weekend away!  Thanks love!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Day of school

The boys started school a little over 3 weeks ago, so I'm a little late with my posts.
 Justin is in 8th grade and Jarin is in 4th this year.  I'm having a time believing we'll have a Freshman next year!  Time flies!
I have a few more pictures to post, but need to find the time.  A special Thanks to Alison for a neat gift (I'll post about that soon)!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Scout night at the Ball park

After karate belt testing, we hightailed it over to our local minor league team's new ballpark for Scout night.  Our Pack paraded around the field before the game along with other packs around town.
Gary Gaetti is the manager for the Skeeters.  He has played for several major league teams, including the Twins
Constellation field

Mike got a kick out of this stall in the men's room.
 The only throne at the ball park
After the games, there was Elvis themed fireworks and the boys spent the night.  I forgot to get a kennel set up for Maddie, so I came home that night.  They had a great evening, even if it meant coming home full of mosquito bites.  I guess they don't call themselves the "Skeeters" for nothing!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Green Belt

The week before school started Jarin had belt testing for karate.

 Showing his moves
 Self defense
 Board breaking

 He earned his green belt!
 The two girls standing next to the instructor are classmates of Jarin's at school too.
 Our Karate kid
 Video clip of the routine

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cleaning house

In early August, our friends Jeff & Marissa M. moved to a new place.  I went over a couple days and helped Marissa haul stuff from point A to B as well as clean.  Their little darling, Shahayla decided to help me clean the floor on the first day.  It was so funny to watch her try to wring it out.  She had a lot of water on the floor, but I guarantee it was clean by the time we were done!