Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spring Field Trip

In May, I accompanied the 3rd graders on their field trip out to George Ranch.  George Ranch is a historic ranch about 15 minutes from here.
 My little darling
 GR has people dressed in costumes from pioneer days and they play their roles very well.  This was the Sharecropper and he was telling the kids how he was hired by the wealthy Davis family (their house is in the above pictures).  He was to raise the animals and farm the land for them in turn for free room and board.
 He had a wash basin that the kids could wash clothes in.  Jarin reacts to the fact that he's washing a cloth diaper!:)
 His chicken coop.  He also had pigs in another pen.
 The sharecroppers house
 The kids and I had fun watching an alligator that was stalking a huge gar.  He never caught it and we didn't get to stay and watch him feast as the teachers were anxious to get going onto the next tour.
 The inside of the Davis house (white house above).  The Davis family was one of the founding families in our county.  They have a cemetery where they are buried in front of the house.
 This man is one of a few who still make saddles and chaps.  He said that he gets contacted from people all around the state to make items that not too many do by hand anymore.  Here he shows them one of his saddles he was working on.  
 The Frontier cabin.  This man was explaining how he lived in frontier times.  One of his cabin rooms had a weaving loom set up, so the kids got to see how they made clothing and blankets.
 A fun day exploring pioneer life!

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Anonymous said...

Now this looks fun. I love American history, especially presented in a hands-on environment like this. Reminds me of some of my kids special field trips way back when.