Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To the Zoo!

On one of the weekends when Mike & Justin were camping, Jarin and I went down to the zoo.
 The big draw was to meet this little guy, Shasta.  He was a little orphaned cougar that the Washington State Dept. of Wildlife captured after his mother was shot by a hunter.  He was one of 3 cougars that were captured.  His siblings went to a zoo in Memphis.  
 He came here to live at the zoo and become the official mascot of the University of Houston Cougars.  He was about 6 months old in this photo, and not quite full grown yet.  He was exploring his new surroundings before they introduced him to another cougar.  He seemed pretty comfortable with his new digs!
 His zoo keeper, Kevin, was glad to meet us and know that we knew the crew that captured him.
 It was bottle feeding time at the jaguar pen.  They feed them goats milk as it's better on their stomachs. A beautiful cat.
 The elephants were out and active too.

 This guy has a favorite keeper who brings him gum to chew.  He knew her when she showed up!
 The new African section has drums to play.
 and caves to explore
 Jonathan, the African lion, was roaring when we were there.  He's the oldest cat at the zoo, and we learned that he was a little spoiled after talking to the keepers.
 Jarin had fun in the Pirahna tube!

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