Thursday, June 28, 2012

College Station weekend

In April, Justin had Merit Badge Day up at A&M, so we spent a weekend in College Station.  
Mike had never seen the Bush Library, so we headed out there while Justin was in classes.
 It's quite a place with multiple buildings, a museum, and a little cemetery where the Bushes will be buried and where their daughter who died at the age of 4 (Robin) is buried.
 A mock up of the Berlin Wall which was torn down during Bush's presidency.  A portion of the real wall is inside the museum.
 We took Justin back when his classes were over.  Unfortunately they closed early, so he missed the museum, but we'll have to take him back there another weekend.
 The boys had to have A&M gear, so they each picked up a t-shirt & hat.

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tx folks said...

Traci: I LOVE that last picture!! A treasure for your albums for sure!