Friday, May 11, 2012

A journey like no other

This was our Christmas gift to each other.  A once in a lifetime experience if you will.
We got up early and headed up to Moonlight Basin to take a team of dogs out with sleds.  We were very bundled up as the temperature was -11.
 Several of these dogs had run the Iditarod and some had run the Quest races.  As soon as we hooked up the teams, the barking and jumping began.  According to the owner, they do not make very good pets as they are working dogs, much like a draft horse would be to a farm.  When they are in their harnesses, you have to hold their front paws off the ground or they will take off, dragging you along in the snow.
 Jarin is ready to go!
 Justin too!

 It's true what they say...Unless you're the lead dog, the scenery never changes.  Jarin and I rode in the sled, but we all took turns driving.  The kids drove as well.
 Lone Peak

 We stopped along the trail and tethered the dogs to a tree.  The guides served up homemade chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate.

 Family photo shoot

We encountered big horn sheep on the road on the way out of the canyon.
 The beautiful Gallatin River


The J's said...

Oh wow!! How incredibly cool!!

Tami Asars said...

I love your pictures! Everyone looks so cute bundled up- esp. Jarin. He looks like a little Christmas Card boy :). Fun to see your trip!