Monday, April 30, 2012

Winter program

Jarin had a winter program at school that had a "Hansel & Gretel" theme to it.  Each child was a woodland creature, helping the kids find their way home.  He was a rabbit.

 Front and center, he was the most animated dancer

 A short clip of the dancing

Friday, April 27, 2012

Christmas at Joel & Sarah's & Sarah's birthday

Sarah is a fan of cheesecake, so this year I made a chocolate cheesecake with snowflake topping for her.
 The 4 K kids annual Christmas snapshot (Justin, Weldon, Jarin & Brynn).
 Justin & Brynn playing darts with his new dart game.
 Jarin & Weldon putting together Legos
 Weldon's just starting to take an interest in Legos, so Jarin had fun playing Legos with him.
 Happy Birthday to Sarah!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fall Court of Honor

Justin received several merit badges from his Scoutmaster, Mr. Wittig.
 Mrs. Coyle presenting him with an award
 A few who were nominated to the Order of the Arrow
 Justin received the Ben Carter Award for showing excellent Scout spirit
 Ben Carter award recipients

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tea party & cookie exchange; South Houston

I hosted a Tea party & cookie exchange for the South side of town.  It was great to have a few for lunch, tea & cookies.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Winter Tea party & cookie exchange; North Houston

In December I was invited up to Sarah's for a Winter Tea party & cookie exchange.  
I made a rainbow cake with winter blue colors.
 Saw my friend and old roomie, Eve, and her little girl Whitley there.
 The cake before it was cut
 All the ladies (& 1 little lady)

Friday, April 20, 2012

San Antonio on Good Friday

We took a quick trip to San Antonio when Tami & Vil were here.  We saw Lewis and Clark at the Alamo!
 San Antonio is...
The Alamo
 Gargoyles on buildings
 Bridges and Riverwalk
 Funny hat stores
 Historic hotels

 Inside the Menger Lobby

 I don't know why but the story of the Menger ghosts always is interesting to me.  Tami, Justin and I went upstairs to investigate.

 Nothing unusual, right?
 However, it was in this hallway, that Tami's camera picked up a "Face Detection".  Her camera was trying to focus on a face, while there is none visible in the picture.
 So, after it did that several times, we got a little spooked and decided to check out the King Ranch Room, supposedly, the most haunted room.  We didn't go in, just checked things out from the outside.
 We decided to go back to the hallway where the face was detected.
 For whatever reason, my camera caught a brighter light the second time around.  I edited these, but the first batch, you couldn't see hardly anything it was so dark (the time when the face was detected).  
This time around, there was no face detection showing up on her camera.  Kind of strange, right?
 So, we decided to go up another floor.
 This was an actual guest coming out of a room, nothing out of the ordinary there.
 We started up the stairs and were on the landing about to go up to the third floor, when Tami stopped us.  "It's a face"  she said.  I looked down and I couldn't believe it.  Once again, her camera picked up "face detection."  We three stood there until we got goosebumps then almost ran back down the stairs, never seeing the 3rd floor.  What do you make of it?
 That night we attended the Ford Riverlighting Parade.  They had a women's choir singing.

 Live broadcast from a SA station.

 Jarin loves to groove, so I caught him in the action.
 A small clip of the festiveness.