Monday, January 16, 2012

Mike's old truck

Back in mid-September, we finally got around to having Mike's old truck delivered.  This was his grandpa's farm truck so it carries a lot of memories for him.  It's an old Fordamatic with the gears on the column.  
 We found a car hauler who could bring it down from the barn it was stored in in Montana.

 The boys were pretty excited to see it.

 We had to hook the chain up to Mike's truck, sit Justin in the seat to make sure the wheels stayed straight, and pull it off the hauler, as it's not running.
 He did a great job and he is anxious to get it up and running.  Isn't this every boy's dream?
 In the bed of the truck, they hauled Sylvia I.'s 4 wheeler.  Her parents live in the same town in MT and when they found out our plan, they were able to throw the 4 wheeler in and ship it down for Sylvia and Homero to ride.
 Hopefully we'll get around to fixing it up and restoring it.  This will be a great project for some boys in this household.  Personally, I think it looks like something out of "Cars".  It's a real classic!

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