Friday, January 13, 2012

The Making of the Maddiott

This past summer, Justin worked a bit.  He put out flyers for pet sitting in our neighborhood.  He took care of 2 birds, 2 dogs (not including his own) and a cat (not including his own).  He also sold organic dog cookies to one of the neighbors.  He saved up his money and managed to buy the necessary supplies to build Maddie a dog house.
 This was a fun weekend project for the boys.

 Maddie checking things out

 I should post a more current picture, but it now has a coat of red stain, red carpeting (inside), and a sign that says "Welcome to the Maddiott" on the outside.
 Jarin even liked it!

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Sheila said...

I love it! Boys & their dogs, isn't it great!