Thursday, September 1, 2011

Morning at Legoland California

We spent Day 4 at Legoland and the SeaLife Aquarium.

This ride is the craziest thing. You get to pick your level. Jarin's wasn't tall enough for the Level 4, so we took turns riding with both boys so we could experience it. If you want to see how bad it really gets, I included a quick video of Mike & Justin at the bottom.

Riding the horses. Justin was bordering on too tall for this ride.
Mike had fun shooting water at the boys...
While they rode the pirate ship and tried to shoot water at him! They were soaked in the end, but with the sun shining, they dried out quickly.

At the Lego Factory. Seeing how Legos are made.
They LOVED these little cars in Car Town. It's a mock up of a real town with streets, lights, stop signs etc. Only kids are allowed to drive.

Photo op
The boys liked this ride too. You hoist yourselves up on the rope, then let go and free fall.
Riding the Storybook Adventure boat ride

Safari ride. I managed to scrunch myself up in one of these small jeeps so that I could get some pictures. Mike had gone to get snacks.
Next up: Afternoon at Legoland

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Sheila said...

Hey! Looks like fun! Did you get my email asking about the hotel y'all stayed at?