Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Death Star

Before we went to LegoLand, Jarin had his eye on the Star Wars Death Star set. He'd been saving his weekly allowance in an effort to buy it. He saw it at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney and was wanting it all the more. The trouble was that it was bulky & heavy. Getting it home would have required more checked luggage and weight, so we told him that when we came home, he could order it. He was so excited the day the big box showed up on our doorstep. The manual to put it together is about 3" thick and many, many pages. We set up the banquet table in the guest room and every day after his homework was done, he'd go up and work on it. This is a picture of it 1/2 completed. I don't have one of it complete, but I'll have to take one. It's huge. He pretty much put the whole thing together by himself with a little help from Justin. Our boys really love Legos!

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Lani said...

Oh wow. I will not be showing this to Kekoa, or he will be wanting one. They have seen this in their LEGO book and love it, too. LEGOs are our new toy of choice around here, too.