Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chapel of the Holy Cross

One of the tourist attractions in Sedona is the "Chapel of the Holy Cross". We decided to have a look since we were there. Here is a discription of it:

Designed by a Frank Lloyd Wright student, Marguerite Brunswig Staude, the chapel was built in 1956 and rises 200 feet from the ground between two large red rock formations. One of the most distinctive features is a 90-foot cross, which can be seen from the ground along State Route 179. A massive stained glass window turns the chapel's interior into a kaleidoscope of color at certain times of the day. No services are held here, but it provides an ideal setting for spiritual reflection and prayer as well as incredible views of the Red Rocks.
The cactus in the landscaping is really amazing.
These smart little birds had built their nest in and amongst the cactus and they were none too happy that we were taking pictures. I think Tami managed to get a close up of the babies.

Next up: Sedona sunset

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