Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Evening of Day 2

Our view from our hotel balcony of Adventure Land
The first night in Disney we went to the Fantasmic show and fireworks. We saved seats at about 7:00 for the 9:00 show, meaning, one of us had to hold our places while the other one got food. The lady behind Mike came at about 8:30 and practically sat on top of him. We tried everything to get her to move a little as she was really crowding us, but she wouldn't budge. I took a picture thinking that might scare her off (her husband opted to sit somewhere else as he didn't want to crowd in there), but the picture trick didn't work. I guess I just have a tough time with ignorant people!
Our silly boyz

Captain Hook and Peter Pan (not pictured)
Disneyland does some amazing things with their theatrics. One minute an evil queen is on stage, the next minute, a large dragon appears out of the mist.
The Mark Twain boat appears with the characters on board.

And Mickey shows up in several scenes.

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