Friday, July 2, 2010

Jarin's last swimming lesson session

Jarin did so well with his last lesson. He's finished the Red Cross Swimming program Level 4, so he's as far as he can go with the lessons unless he chooses next year to take stroke clinic or diving lessons.
His class this year was exclusively in the 12-13' depth, mostly doing laps and practicing their strokes and dives.

Jarin with his instructor Nick

Justin's 11th birthday

Justin turned 11 on June 10th.
Goodies from Grandma and Grandpa
$ from G'ma Joani
An itouch from Dad & Mom
A skateboard from Jarin
Camping goodies from Auntie Tami & Uncle Vil
We had a little celebration with Joel & Sarah later on that weekend. He wanted cupcakes this year.
Happy to have another Target card and an itunes card!

Thank you everyone!

Wolf picture

See Justin's latest drawing here.

Last day of school

On the last day of school the 5th graders do a final walk through the halls.
Justin's teacher giving them a "high 5"
Jarin with his teacher, Mrs. D
Jarin with his buddies
Mike brought home an ice cream pizza from Maggie Moo's to celebrate the boys accomplishments for the year.

Field Day 2010

Chris E.'s high school graduation

We drove to Cameron one Friday night for Chris E's graduation.

Chris with sisters, Amanda and Laura
with dear Grandma Gale (Mimi)
The E family
Congratulations Chris on a job well done and best of luck next year at A&M!

First Grade Park Field Trip

Jarin's "walk to the park" field trip was the same day as Justin's pool party. Fortunately, Mike was able to take the day off and chaperon the 1st grade classes.
Fun on the slide
One of Jarin's best little pals, Amanda.
Funny face Jarin

5th Grade Pool Party

Toward the end of May, the 5th graders walked to the local pool for an end of year pool party.
120 kids; 2 pools; diving board=day of fun!