Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cookie making

At Christmas time we made some sugar cookies. The boys love to help frost and decorate them.

Jarin's proud of his creation
And of coarse we have to sample a few too!
Then we save some for Santa

Monday, February 22, 2010

Visits from Bob and Kimberly A.

Bob & Kimberly A. and kids came to Houston for a visit over Christmas break. We enjoyed getting together with them for a potluck in Katy. Marissa made this wonderful cake. It was homemade fondant and it was good!
The following week we went to Gavin's 10th birthday party at Laser Quest. Bob shows off his winning card after the first round of tag.
This guy threw bouncy balls out of his bucket. If you had one with a mark on it, you won a prize!
Gavin's cake
It never fails to amaze me that although A's have been gone for 2 years now that the boys just pick up where they left off when they see eachother again. Maybe it has something to do with DS games??
Happy Birthday Gavin!
Some of us ladies at the party

Sunday, February 21, 2010

School Christmas parties

The last day of school before Christmas break, the kids had their parties. Justin's class had pizza, chips, carrot sticks and cupcakes. They decorated a little ornament. I found it hard to be a Room Mom for both classes, and seeing that Jarin's class needed the most supervision, I spent the majority of my time with first grade.
Jarin's class did rotations with the entire 1st grade. Jarin's teacher is Jewish, so she celebrates Hanukkah. She and our PTO president (also our 1st grade Lead Room Mom), made Latkes. I'd never had them, but they were very good. They taste something like a hash brown.
Then they rotated to Mrs. G's room. She read them a book about the Christmas customs in Sweden.
And they made little headpieces to go along with what she'd read.
Then it was off to Mrs. F's class who read them a story about Christmas in Mexico.
Here they made poinsettia leaves.
In Mrs. B's room they read about customs in Great Britain and made wreath's.
Then it was back to class for a pizza party.
And a gift exchange. Each of them brought a book and took home a book.
Lastly, they did the cutest little dance to "I'm gettin' Nothin' for Christmas". I didn't think to get it on video until the end of the song (see below).

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two little monkeys...

After 9 years of sleeping on our old mattress, we splurged and bought a Tempurpedic mattress. A couple days later we bought a bed set. Then a little later we did a complete makeover to our room. I'll post pictures of that soon. Tempurpedic mattresses have a smell to them when they're new. We were told to let the boys jump on the mattress to help dispel the smell. It worked and after about 3-4 weeks, we no longer smelled the foam smell.
Of coarse, they thought it was great that we actually LET them jump! And to say we love our mattress is an understatement! We've never slept so well without any aches and pains. We're getting pretty spoiled with this mattress. Thankfully, it has a 30 year warranty, so it should last us a LONG time!

Sarah's birthday

In December we celebrated Sarah's birthday along with an early Christmas for the kids as Joel & Sarah went to Montana for Christmas. We got her a cookbook stand along with a few goodies.
And we sang "Happy Birthday". Sarah likes cheesecake, so we found a strawberry cheesecake.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Justin's Arrow of Light Ceremony

Justin had his Arrow of Light Ceremony for the Boy Scouts in December. The chief Akela is called to the fire after an arrow with fire starts the bon fire. Akela decides whether the Scout is worthy or not to cross into Boy Scouts.
The drum is beaten and all is quiet as the boys names are called one by one.
And Justin became a Boy Scout!
Later that night, Mike helped Jarin put together his telescope. This was his prize for selling popcorn!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Justin's Pack Cross-over ceremony

In December Justin crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. This was his Cub Scout Pack's ceremony to promote them as Boy Scouts. Mr. Art, our Cubmaster sends Justin over the stairs.
Pausing for a picture
All the parents and their new Boy Scouts
Mike awarded the top 3 popcorn salesmen a bag of Starburst in addition to their prizes.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

History making snow storm

A snow storm like the one in December is VERY rare for the Houston area. I spent a good bit of the day up at the kids' school working, but they didn't let them out early despite all the weather warnings. It wasn't supposed to really freeze until evening, so the district made the decision to keep the schools open. I took this picture of the boys after school.
When they got home, they couldn't wait to enlist the help of the neighbor boy to build a snowman.
He and Justin tried to roll it, but the snow was wet and heavy.
So, they tried to pack it.
Then they started on another one on the other side of the yard. I couldn't help but put dinner on hold and go help them. After all, the last time we saw snow like this was when we lived in Utah about 5 years ago! After getting the bottom and middle section done, I discovered I couldn't lift the middle. It wasn't long until the neighbor kid's Dad came across the street to try to help me. Even with 2 of us, it wouldn't budge. So, the volunteer fireman across the street saw our plight and came to the rescue! He and the other neighbor man were able to get the mid section on. The kids built the head and our fireman neighbor went inside and got some fireman gear. We had a fireman snowman!
And as soon as the school bus showed up, the driver hopped off and began to play "Frosty the Snowman" on his harmonica!
All the neighbor kids wanted a picture with him.
The boys
Mike went next door and borrowed the other neighbors spotlight, so he was lit up at night too!
Unfortunately it rained the next day and we had to say goodbye to Frosty!