Monday, December 28, 2009

Last day on Oahu-part 2

Heading to Hickam Air Force Base we felt like we were back in Houston. A sure sign that you're on Oahu is the traffic. Much less congestion on Maui.

Somebody needs to teach this guy how to park an airplane!

Touring various planes at the airshow

Large cargo planes

There they are! The Thunderbirds start the airshow!

Bellies up!

Close up

Showing their love for their fellow soldiers

Bellies down
Flying in formation
Amazing acrobatics

Yet more fighter planes

The t-birds show their support for their fellow soldiers in Iraq

A few good men

Several Air Force One jets were there as well

movie clip...

And that is the end of our wonderful trip to Hawaii! We hope to go back soon!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last day on Oahu; part 1

You know it's going to be a great day in Hawaii when you wake up and this is your view!
And the beautiful island awaits you!
These two parrots were down in the lobby of the hotel. I said hello and we had a little chat.

As part of our room package, we had an hour of free snorkel rental, so in the morning we ate breakfast, then headed out to the cove to snorkel.
It was a nice little snorkeling cove, although it was so shallow that it was hard not to step on coral if you had to adjust your mask.
The little snorkel shack where we rented the gear.
The beautiful fountain in front of Turtle Bay
Turtle Bay Resort
This was our little rental car on the island. It proved to be interesting to load with all of our luggage, but it was fun to run around in. I never noticed the license plate until I took this picture. About that time I felt like a "pyg" for dining on all the wonderful Hawaiian dinners we enjoyed while on the islands.
We enjoyed cruizin' with the top down.
Some of the fairway condos on the golf coarse at Turtle Bay
We saw quite a few of these on Maui, but this was the only one I spotted on Oahu (roadside fruit stand). Oh how I was wishing I hadn't eaten so much guava at breakfast or we could have stopped for more!
I'm not sure of the history of this building, but it was apparently a rest home at one time.
Sunset beach
Evidence that we're on the North Shore of Hawaii!
I'm not sure what the name of this little cove was, but it looked like a great snorkel spot. If you look closely there are some snorkelers in there. Oh how we wished we owned some masks so we could stop and check it out.
Another beautiful beach...
Waimea bay cliff divers
The beautiful vast Pacific Ocean
We're heading into a neat little surfer town called "Haleiwa". I like the bridge!
The local elementary school. I wonder if they teach surfing classes?
More than one way to carry your boards
Continuing along the highway, we saw a lot of this. Can anyone guess what it is??
Why, it's pineapple!!
We didn't stop and tour Dole as we had our sights set on going back to Pearl Harbor and touring the submarine and the Battleship U.S.S. Missouri.
We got back to Pearl Harbor and decided to take in the U.S.S. Bowfin submarine first. The headphones we're wearing contained a narrative tour.
Fold up sink.
Correspondence room
There were a lot of gauges and instruments used to run the sub
One of the main engine rooms
Salt water depth gauge
A memo put out by the captain of the ship
The mess hall
Narrow bunks
Long hallways
I decided that there's no way that one could be on this ship and not be claustrophobic. These little doors were small to crawl through, but they would provide water tightness if you were attacked by the enemy.

Another engine
Torpedo room. See the torpedo loaded in the left side? They would use a build up of air pressure to launch them.
The torpedo's.
The U.S.S. Missouri
Mike and I on the Bowfin.
A very large periscope
Yet another
Total # of ships that the Bowfin sank during the war
The Bowfin's anchor
Inside the museum...
Do you recognize this man? Would it help you if I told you that he was one of our presidents? Would it help you if I told you he was rescued at sea by the crew of the U.S.S. Finback after his plane was shot down?
Would it help if I told you it was none other than George Bush Sr.?? He's in the picture below with the other rescued aviators.
A letter George Bush wrote later on in his presidency.
A note regarding the Bowfin.
The crew of the Bowfin.
I love these plumeria trees
After spending time at Pearl Harbor we decided to forego the tour of the U.S.S. Missouri and head over to Hickam Air Force Base to watch the Thunderbirds in the airshow. Next up: the airshow...