Friday, September 25, 2009

Clifford W's 40th birthday party

We threw a surprise party for Cliff a couple weeks ago. We got him good!!

Have you ever???

Have you ever seen such a great idea?? I found these quite by accident when I was clipping coupons one day. They're washer/dryer sheets that are awesome for travelling!
As the bag says...detergent/softener/anti-static all wrapped up in one sheet. The blue part is the detergent, the green is fabric softener with anti static.
Drop one in the machine and the blue part disappears and the green part remains.
Drop it in the dryer and the green part disappears.
Pretty cool, eh??

Cutie patootie!

I watched Miss Zoe (Jill and Ayo's little cutie) the other day. She's such a cutie, I couldn't resist snapping some pictures of her. I think I see Gap Kids in her future!

Raingutter Regatta

This was Jarin's first year to participate in Raingutter Regatta with Cub Scouts as he is a Tiger Scout this year.
He worked hard on his first boat
Racing day...all the boats
Jarin racing one of the Webelos
Justin racing his boat
Jarin won his first medal for 2nd place
Kids and some leaders
Water balloon fight following race
Close your eyes if you're scared of germs....this one is a doozer! We line the raingutters with wax paper and fill it with ice cream. The kids have to eat utensil free. It's a hoot!
Thank goodness for a hose when it's all over!
They love it!


Sheila (& Dave) E. came down toward the end of summer. We had fun swimming and playing at Rocket City Fun Center.

Astros game

As promised...the Astros game. We were there early, so we took the boys to the kids section of the park (Squeeze Play).
Racing the runner
Hitting the water
This shows how close we were...bottom floor by the bull pen
Very close seats