Monday, June 29, 2009

Scout camp--phone pictures

Justin showing off the marshmallow shooter he made.
The campfire Tigers with their campfire

Scout Day Camp 2009

This summer I volunteered for Scout Day Camp. I was one of two leaders for Jarin's group (the Tigers).
Here he is playing kickball.

These were our charges for the week. Nine 5 and 6 year olds. Think I wasn't tired at the end of the week? Think again!
Justin's group doing archery (he was a high scorer in archery).
Jarin showing off his BB gun safety gear

These three will be in our pack together. Our den made that neat fire you see as well as set up a tent.:)
At the awards/skit ceremony on Friday holding our Den flag. We were the "Campfire Tigers".
Justin's den was the "Screaming Eagles".
Justin's group doing their skit
Kind of hard to see as we were in the rodeo arena
A fun, but exhausting week!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Justin's 10th birthday

Justin's birthday was mid week during a busy week of Scout camp, so he opened some gifts that morning. He was surprised to find the bike that we bought him sitting in the front living room when he woke up! He had outgrown his and had been riding mine, so he was happy to have a new bike!
more Legos...
Target gift card
more Legos...
He loved this card that Auntie Tami made for him!
A zee beez...
A neat Crazy Camper set...
A camping pad...
Happy Birthday to our big boy!

Kindergarten Graduation-Part 3

Jarin got to open a gift from Mommy, Daddy and Justin after his graduation

Pokemon cards!
His diploma
Congratulations little man!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation-Part 2

Let me just start this post by saying that my Dear Husband missed out on this. He had a job assignment that took him to the Northern end of Alberta for an entire month. As it was, he left mid-May and didn't return until mid-June, so unfortunately he missed this event. We are so glad he's back!!
What was a Kindergarten Graduation like?? This was a first for me! I myself had never had a Kindergarten Graduation, nor had Justin, our oldest. In fact, Justin went to 1/2 day Kindergarten--in Utah-- (not full day like Jarin did here in Texas). The graduation ceremony was really creative and I have a couple videos that I'll post later on of the kids singing. The plus side to helping with the decorating? They gave us front row seats!!
The principal Mr. W, speaks before the classes are sent in.
Jarin gets his diploma!
His teacher switches his tassel to the other side.
On the bleachers ready to sing us some songs.

All five Kindergarten classes
The graduate with his big brother
"I'm a First Grader now, Mom!"
Jarin and I
Jarin with his teacher, Mrs. L
Justin, Jarin and I
Jarin with one of his best buddies, Wesley

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation-Part 1

I didn't know whether to call this part 1 or "my busy day". This was Wed. June 3...Jarin's big day to graduate from Kindergarten. My first stop after I took the kids to school was a stop to pick up a balloon for him.
Then it was off to the school to decorate the stage. We had about 300 balloons to inflate, tie and attach strings to. We were fortunate to have a lot of Moms to help us, so it went quickly. The teachers had a diagram and we just followed what they had written down for placement of decor.
Then it was home for a quick minute before going back to school for lunch with Jarin. He told me he wanted a cake, so I quickly whipped one up. Looks like something off the "cakewrecks" blog, but he was happy with it.
Then it was off to decorate the cafeteria after lunch. This was one of the backdrops we put up for pictures.
The cupcake/drink table.
The table centerpieces
At the end of the day, Jarin came home with a gift for me from his teacher...
With a beautiful note.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Field Day 2009

I am 3 weeks behind in posting, so I'll try to get a little caught up (if there is such a thing). This was Field Day at the boy's school. Here's Jarin with his buddy. They pair the classes with another older grade class and the buddies read to them and do crafts with them.

Justin with his buddy See that man with the sprayer? That's Mr. M. He's a Dad (one of the girls in Justin's class), a soccer coach, and the President of Lamar Soccer Association. He's also a favorite of the classes when he shows up with a huge sprayer with cool water on a hot day. He's met with cries of "spray me Mr. M!"

Beach volleyball. That's my little boy with the wet pants.
I'm not sure who thought up this game. I'd like to think those are new plungers, but they very well may have come out of the janitors closet. After all, there are how many toilets in the school? Anyway, the object is to run around these cones all the time balancing the ball between the plungers. Takes great skill.
Water balloon toss.
Frisbee through the hoop
I think the person who invented the plunger game invented this one too. It's called "Knights and Dragons". I'm not sure what running around hitting others with a pool noodle has to do with chivalry, but we'll guess they're trying out for the jousting competition.
Jarin doing his best with the plungers.
He finally gives up and finds a quicker way to get around those cones. Thank goodness I carry LOTS of hand sanitizer!
Square ball