Friday, May 29, 2009

March Volunteer of the Month gift

On Tuesday I went to a Volunteer Tea at the boy's school. To my surprise I was nominated as March's "Volunteer of the Month". They gave me this nice little gift. I can't wait to use the Starbucks card!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coffee anyone?

So Justin drew this coffee cup at the bottom of a "thank you" card. He always gets so much detail in his pictures, it amazes me.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kindergarten Circus

A little over a week ago the Kindergartners performed a "Kindergarten Circus". Jarin was one of the "Strongmen". I made his weights out of a dowel and round Styrofoam that I spray painted silver and black. He had to have an Incredible Hulk tattoo on his arm as well as this mustache made out of felt.
They paraded around the gym when the show started following two of the Kinder. teachers who were dressed as clowns.
The ringmaster, Reagan.
The baton twirlers
The hula hoop group
Yo yo'ers
Lions and tamer
Dog trainer
The strongmen. Jarin was in the back on the right side.
Showing their strength with weights
There's our little Strongman
He's got muscle!
Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to videotape the performance, as they hired a professional videographer. We did buy the DVD, so we can watch it. I also didn't get a good picture of the clowns, but they were really cute as well.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Zoo field trip

A couple months ago, Jarin's class had a field trip to the zoo. Like the good Mommy that I am, I was in a rush to get the kids ready and out the door. In my haste, I realized that my camera battery was dead. So, I grabbed Justin's camera (which happens to be a miniature of mine) and headed out. When I got to the zoo I realized that his battery was dead. No fear friends...Jarin had his little Crayola camera and while it's not top notch camera quality, it actually worked for a few snapshots. These 3 were my charges for the day and yes, the other two are in his class. The child on the Left has a Dad who's a football coach for the high school here.
It might seem like a small task to keep up with these three for the day, but I managed. I only wished that I'd brought my Rollerblades!
I'm not sure what was scarier...those three above or this crocodile!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Warning...mega post follows...

Last night I thought I'd lost my computer. The hard drive was giving us fits and we couldn't restart it. I decided to post the rest of my pictures as I'm always about a week behind when it comes to blogging. Now to go to the store and get another hard drive for back up, then we shall take this thing in and see what's going on. It's only 8 mo's old, so hopefully it's warrantied.

Forth grade field trip

On Monday, the 4th graders walked to the park. Several of us Mom's drove with water and one Mom brought a snowcone maker. A great way to cool all of us off with this 90 something weather we've been having. Summer is upon us!
Justin and I

Round 1

This is my first attempt at onions in pots (we don't have enough space for a garden).:(
They didn't turn out too bad. I've repotted round 2 to try for bulb onions, so we'll see if they grow.
In other gardening news, the green peppers have sprouted, the romaine lettuce is up and the lemons are as big as quarters!

Limo rides and such

Last Saturday night, Justin got his reward for being 2nd highest popcorn salesman in the Sam Houston Area Council of Boy Scouts. We met down at the SHAC main office.
Where they had the coolest fire pits around
Even Jarin liked it!
And the Hummer arrived. Not just any Hummer though...a Hummer Limo!!
The boys are so excited to ride in this thing!
We took Justin's trophy for a picture with it!
Daddy with the boys
The inside of the limo was tricked out. Mirrored ceilings, funky lights and all the Coke and Orange Crush that kids could desire!
The driver took us to Minute Maid Park to watch the Astros in Box Seats.
We were given $100 in Astro bucks to spend on food and souvenirs.
The Astros actually beat the Padres!
We stayed for fireworks after the game
Heading back to SHAC office.
Getting more Coke for the kids out of the mini fridge.
The boys thought it was great. Justin says he wants to buy a Hummer Limo for his first car. Hmmm...better start saving now, Son!
A fun night was had by all!

Mr. Cook

Dinner was in the crockpot and this little cook decided to get out big brother's cookbook and make ants on a log to go with dinner.
I've got two cooks in the house!

Mr. Creativity

Justin had some free time in class the other day, so he decided to see what he could make out of regular notebook paper. It's a little man and his picnic table.
The man

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day Kindergarten Spa

Last Friday the Kindergartners had a "Day Spa" for us Mom's.
They combed our hair.
This is our Head Room Mom, Amy and her twins, Ruthie and Wesley. She got double treatment...lucky lady!
They made us some bracelets out of beads and pipe cleaners. They also made us "Mom" picture frames and gave us massages.
A fun day with my little boy and some very creative teachers.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Space Shuttle Clean up

Last week I received an e-mail from one of the 5th grade Mom's at the kid's school. Would I like to help with cleaning up the shuttle in preparation for the mini missions? Since I didn't have much on my schedule, I went in and helped clean it up. The school's logo is the "Astronauts", so naturally, they have a shuttle out back. I thought it was just a small thing from looking at it in the back, but I learned that it is actually big enough that you can stand up inside it! It has air conditioning in inside too (a big plus here in TX)!
Anyway, tomorrow is the "mini missions". In short, there are 6 "stations" or classrooms that the 5th graders will rotate through every 35 minutes. They will learn about "toys in Space", "building a Lunar module", "Science in Space", "weightlessness in Space", "Building an ISS", and "Communication in space".
A small handful of 5th grade students have been chosen to become Astronauts for a day. The process for becoming an astronaut is not an easy task. The students must fill out an application, write an essay on "why they would like to be astronauts" and take a field trip to NASA to see how things work in space. Next Thursday the Shuttle is scheduled to (mock) launch. Those who have been chosen will be working on computers to guide the shuttle on it's mission, while the other grade levels will each do a task. Some will be "mission control"; others will be broadcasting the launch on the (fake) T.V. ; others will be the "flight directors"; some will be providing questions to the astronauts in regards to how the mission went, when the astronauts return. In all, it's an interesting experience for the 5th graders and the younger grades.
Looking toward the back of the shuttle...exit door.
Computer installation
Entry door/wing
Looking back to front. There were a lot of cobwebs, but thankfully, no furry creatures.