Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to have a crawfish boil

Step 1: Find a few crawfish-lovin' boys to hose down the live crawfish that are being stored in coolers.
Make sure these boys don't hose down the people on the trailer, the cat, the dog or the photographer. She's the one with the camera.
Step 2: Get your BIG pots ready by turning on the propane.
Yessir, no small Caphalon pans allowed here!
Step 3: Add the crawfish to the removable liner/basket. They must be alive at this point for their meat spoils quickly when they die (see video at the bottom).
Step 4: Add one LARGE container of Crab Boil. Repeat after me "We like 'em spicy!"
Step 5: Add your corn, potatoes, mushrooms and butter to the pan with the crawfish. It's o.k. for the crawfish to crawl all over the just makes 'em that much tastier!
Step 6: Add the liner to the pot with the Crab Boil in it. Cook approximately 7 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Step 7: Pull liner out of the pot and drain onto a hay trailer, covered in plywood, covered in black plastic, covered in duct tape. Note: This is a 2 man job as that basket is heavy!!
Step 8: Look at the feast you're about to enjoy!
Step 9: Find a few good Louisiana transplants to help you eat this stuff. What? That's not a Louisiana guy in the blue hat at the end? What gave it away? The "Big Sky" shirt? Yeah, he's from Montana, but he likes crawfish, so we let him stay. (L to R: Alan S., Craig and Mikayla J., Nathan L., Bill and Hollie H.)
Find a few other hungry folks to fill the other side of the table...
Chow down! Tastes like spicy crab. That must be why I love it! Some of these were so big that we were eating the meat out of their claws too.
Step 10: Celebrate a couple birthdays if you can so you have an excuse to have cake for dessert! Those crawfish are frosting on the cake. Amazing, huh? Paula got the cake.
Happy Birthday Gina and Joyce!
Live crawfish video. These poor little buggers didn't know what they were getting into!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kindergarten Field Trip to the Circus

Last week I went with Jarin's class to the Shrine Circus. It is a great little circus with more acrobatic acts than Barnum & Bailey. We went to the park when the circus was over and the kids played for an hour before heading back to school. They had a great time!
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Tea with the ladies

Last week I met up with Marissa M. and Jill & Zoe A. for tea. We had a great time. Zoe sat so well we'll invite her for tea anyday (did I mention that this is my favorite little girl--save Brynn--around these parts?).
Me, Zoe and Marissa and Jill

Scardy lizard

Not only are the flowers in bloom, but I found this little guy sitting on my patio chair.
I think he got a little scared of my big camera as by the time I finally got the camera adjusted for the 2nd picture, he had changed colors.
Oh the life of a chameleon

Hibiscus in bloom

Spring has sprung! My hibiscus are blooming! I think they like that fertilizer I gave them a few weeks back!

Scout Fair-2009

The weekend before last we took the boys to the Scout Fair down at Reliant Arena. They thoroughly enjoyed it and Justin was able to get many beltloops and pins from all the activities. Jarin won't officially become a Cub Scout until June, so he wasn't able to earn anything yet. He had fun playing the games though. It was a great day to spend a very rainy day. When we came home our rain gauge had 4" of rain in it! We were glad to be indoors that day!
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jarin does the pledge

Several weeks back Jarin got to say the Pledge of Allegiance a few of his classmates as well as some of the 5th graders. Here he is (far Left) introducing himself. If the pictures are grainy, it's because we parents were only allowed to watch from the TV monitors in the classroom, so these are pictures of the monitors.
Saying the pledge

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brazos Bend State Park

Welcome to Brazos Bend State Park. Home of the American Alligator. This park is only about 40 minutes from us. Just for your sanity, I split this up into two slide shows. We saw too many alligators to count!
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Grandma and Grandpa were here!

Grandma and Grandpa came and brought a few little projects for the boys. They've started putting these kits together.

They love these little bead designs
Grandma helped them dye eggs
Colorful eggs

Monday, April 20, 2009

Kindergarten Egg Hunt

The Kindergarten classes got to do an egg hunt this year. The bunny came by and left this note for Jarin's class...
The cutest little bunny I know of...
Getting ready...
Off to the hunt
Each one got some eggs! Just another fun day at school!

Cute?...or Not!

A little over a week ago we had a cold snap and this little bird (a cave swallow) and his friend were found sitting on top of our porch light trying to warm themselves. At first we felt sorry for them. Poor little birds, trying to stay warm themselves in the cold. So, for two straight nights we left the porch light on to keep them warm. A couple days go by and my son yells to me "Mommy, come quick, the birds are picking at my screen". Sure enough. They tore a large hole in the window screen trying to get some substance from which to build their nest. So, how do you get rid of a bird? I mentioned the predicament to the neighbor. "Oh yeah", she said. "We had a problem with them so I bought a huge owl and sent them packing over to your house." Mike's parents were here, so his Dad came up with a great idea. Aluminum foil! He rigged it up over the light and put some in the screen hole and the noise and flapping has kept them away. It worked. We've been bird free for over a week now (but they sure did leave a mess on the light and the porch)! I hope they find a nice cave to roost in!


My 2nd cousin, Nikki W., came for a visit from WA. We had a few stay for lunch who know Nikki. We had a great day visiting and hopefully we convinced her to come on back for convention!
Mike and I, Cliff W. and Gina B., Jeff and Marissa M., Nikki W., and Nathan & Tonya L. with kids Kaylynn and Lane
Cliff and Gina
My 2nd cousin, Nikki and I

Forth grade field trip

A couple weeks ago I chaperoned a 4th grade field trip to the "Taste of Texas" restaurant. Seemed like kind of a funny place for a field trip and I admit, I was skeptical about it, but when we got there I was pleasantly surprised. The owner gave the tour. She is a real history buff and has a lot of artifacts from Texas history. She not only told some tales of how Houston was born, but she also talked about the business she's in (hospitality). She talked about the value of hard work and how it pays off. Then she gave the kids a tour of the kitchen. She fed all of us then we headed off to the park for a little play time before going back to school. A fun day for the 4th graders. I will have to find the cord for Jarin's camera to upload his field trip pictures. Both my camera and Justin's batteries were dead that day, so the only pictures I have of his field trip to the zoo are on his camera. I'll post those soon too!
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