Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break-Day 4; coming home

We stopped on the way home to pick up some coffee and see the bluebonnets. They were absolutely beautiful!
They were so fragrant too. I didn't remember them smelling so good, but it was worth a stop.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break-Dallas; Day 3

On day 3 we took the Grapevine Vintage Railroad from Grapevine to Fort Worth. The trip takes about an hour and a half and you stay in FW for about 2 hrs. before you get back on the train back to Grapevine. It was so much fun!
Riding the rails
The conductor took our tickets
The cars are actually 1920 restored passenger cars.
About a 1/2 hr. into our ride, the train came to a stop and we were given this, by...
this man. A train robber. He wasn't like other train robbers though. As he handed out the $, he explained to us that he'd just robbed a bank and was "giving" us the $ instead of taking ours. He instructed us to do something profitable with it and not to pay taxes with it. He said to consider it part of his "stimulus package". The conductors did warn us though to put away all our IPODS and cell phones just in case he was a real robber.
And of coarse you can't have a train robbery without the local Sheriff showing up looking for the robber. He asked the kids if they'd like to join his Sheriff's posse and look for the robber. He handed out badges to those who did.
Eventually the robber and his accomplice were caught.
And justice was served.
We've arrived at Stockyard Station!
Apparently these little boys joined the wrong posse and wound up in jail.
Looking down into downtown FW stockyards.
We found a petting zoo where the kids could feed the animals.
I had no idea a donkey could bray so loudly. He must've been hungry and wasn't getting any attention.
So, the boys had to feed him too.
This Brama didn't want and didn't get much attention. I don't think he was as hungry as the donkey.
Justin couldn't resist petting the bunny.
The Cadillac with the longhorns from Billy Bob's Restaurant.
And then we made our way over to the Candy Barrell. If ever there was a candy store out of a child's dream, this is it! Whiskey barrells full of candy. Take a bag, fill it, weigh it and pay by the ounce. I couldn't resist getting some goodies for Mike and I too. It was kind of like trick-or-treating, except you had to pay for it.
And who can resist being "amazed"! I love these things. Mike and I went through one one time in Galveston long before we had kids. I couldn't resist trying it again!
But first, we had to see just how the boys measured up to a longhorns horns. Not quite there...
Mike's probably one of the few who actually has arms longer than a longhorn!
Inside the maze. Did I mention I love these things? The object is to find the stamps for each letter in "maze", then get out as fast as you can as you're being timed. Kind of like a lab rat in a science experiment! Working the brain and muscles here, folks!
Found the "M"! We managed to find them all and be out in 16 minutes!
Next up...a good ol' Fort Worth cattle drive...right down the streets of downtown.
Not just any cattle either. These are Texas longhorns. Brought here from another country (although I can't remember just which country right now).
They're kind of big beasts.
We see them come; we see them go...

Looking down into Stockyard Station at all the little shops and restaurants. Notice how the train tracks come right down into the center of it all. That's where our train unloaded and loaded.
And what would Fort Worth be without the cowboy? He's missin' his horse too!
The boys thought about taking the stagecoach back, but without a horse to pull it, that would be a lot of pushing.
A welcome sight toward the end of the day.

We finally figured out on the way back that we could flip our seats and face eachother.
A great day without the traffic hassles.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break-Dallas; Day 2

Day two found us meeting Shanda S. for some family pictures and pictures of the boys at this neat heritage museum in Frisco. Thank you Shanda for being so patient with two little boys who were restless and not too cooperative. We got some good pictures though!
That evening we took the boys to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.
The Dallas castle.
Crossing the moat
Three knights
The boys with the Falconeer. Yes, that is a real falcon who performs during the show.
With another knight and the light up swords that Daddy bought them.
This is how you eat. No silverware. Ask for it and you will be spotlighted and brought to the attention of the whole arena. Definitely medieval.
And of coarse every show involving knights and kings, must have a princess.
The king of the castle.
The black and white knight who we were to cheer on.
The serfs.
The knights of the realm.
Swordfighting and jousting
A visitor from afar showing off his fancy horsemanship.
A horse trained to kick at his opponent is a good horse.
More prancing and fancy footwork.