Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy President's Day!

We salute the leaders of our counrty today for the amazing job and responsibility that they have in leading our country.

Valentine's Day roses

The beautiful rose bouquet my husband got me for Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A month of sickness

We've had a rough last 3 weeks or so. About 3 weeks ago, Jarin started running a fever and had the sniffles. He seemed to get over it and it was back to school for him. Then the following Monday I had Justin in the Dr's office with a possible appendicitis case. After spending a good bit of our day in Radiology at the hospital and having a CT scan, they determined it wasn't appendicitis (thank goodness), but it was a stomach virus. Fast forward to this week. Jarin wakes up on Tuesday with a fever of 103.4. So, no school X 4 days for him. I took him into the Dr. today and both the streap and flu cultures were negative, so it "just a virus". I was able to get out a little last night to see daylight as Mike stayed home with him to let me have a night out to shop. I missed Sarah's tea party yesterday (insert sad face here). I had made these chocolate cov'd strawberries in the hopes that he'd feel better and I'd be able to go, but no such luck.
Then a few weeks ago, I found these cute Valentine cupcake cups. Jarin's class is the "Friendly Frogs" (each classroom has an animal theme), so I agreed to make cupcakes for his class. He cried when I told him he wouldn't be able to go to school today as he knew they were having a party, but with a 101 fever, I just couldn't let him go.
Fortunately Mike and Justin were able to deliver these cupcakes and hopefully Justin will bring home Jarin's little Valentine's box.
We're hoping everybody's healthy by March as it's going to be a busy month. Here's a few highlights of our March activities...
-Union mtg., overnight wrkr. co., and spec. mtg.
-Spring Break...we're taking a mini vacation
-Cub Scout family campout
So, it'll be a busy March for us. Maybe we'll be able to relax come April! We'll hope so!:)

Justin's latest gadget

One of his awards for selling popcorn with Scouts was a $50 Walmart card. So, he bought his 1st BB gun. Mike has had fun taking him to the "back 40" of our subdivision and practicing on tin cans. (How much Sprite can we drink in a week?) Mike says he's quite a little sharp shooter. He's really wanting Uncle Joel to take him hunting sometime. He wants to shoot a deer or a wild hog.

Happy Anniversary to Joel & Sarah

Joel and Sarah celebrated their anniversary a couple weeks ago. We took the kids for the night and the next day so they could have a nice dinner out and not have to worry about kids, then they came down for dinner and picked them up. The kids had a blast having a sleepover and we went to the park too. Unfortunately I didn't think to take my camera, but it was a fun weekend.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Aero's game and trophies

That evening, Mike took Justin to the Aeros game so he could get his trophies for selling so much popcorn.
Shooting a goal
He loved the zambonis
With Chilly the mascot (Chilly Dog)
Trophies for 1st place in the district and 2nd place for Sam Houston Area Council.

Pinewood Derby

Justin had his Pinewood Derby weekend before last.
These were taken on his camera and I wasn't able to attend as Jarin was sick with a fever.
All the cars
He got a medal for 3rd place in his Den.