Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So they do love each other!

I shall save this note forever...just to remind me that even though they do scrap and fight, that they still are brothers who love each other.:)


Thanks to Darcie I've been tagged. See her "V" post here. So, 10 things that start with "T" that I'm thankful for...

1. Teachers--where would we be without them? I'll even be more thankful for them come March/April time when I'll be teaching 3 classes!

2. Treasures--not that I have a bunch of them, but I do have a few keepsakes that are meaningful to me.

3. Teeth--keepin' it real here...glad for these filled, crown encased choppers that help us eat and digest our food!

4. Truth--thankful for our heavenly father who is everything to us.

5. Trips/Travelling--always fun to explore another area.

6. Talent--not that I have any...I just like to see what everyone else is capable of.

7. Time--I'm glad we have a little time to make our lives worthwhile.

8. Taco Bell--A fast food favorite of mine.

9. T-shirts--love to lounge around the house in an old comfortable one!

10. Tea--Green tea in the evening...a favorite of mine.

I'll tag Teresa and Tami (since you're names start with "T") with the letter "S". Good luck and I'll be checking for your posts!:)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jarin's work

O.K., I realize this won't be exciting for the majority of you, but it's mostly for the Grandparents.:) This is Jarin's work...learning his letters and sight words.

Foxy stuff

So this is one of Justin's latest creations. I'll post it on his blog too, but I figured since it's only 1, I'd post it here too. He just drew this the other day at school. Oh, and the Alamo picture that he drew for the Houston Livestock and Rodeo won a blue ribbon. He won't be going to the fair with it though.:( You must first win a finalist ribbon, then one is chosen out of the finalists. We're proud of him though and it truly is a beautiful work of art. I'm not sure about the specifics or if we'll get it back. The reporter from the newspaper was there too and took his picture, so I'll post a link when I see it in there.:)

Fun at the park

This has got to be the best park around these parts of town. On Friday the kids got out of school early so we took advantage of the sunshine and headed over there with lunch.

The kids love to play tag with me and they're getting so fast, most of the time I'm "it".:)
Riding a dinosaur
Picture of the main part. It also has a kiddie area and swings. I took this picture while swingin'.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun with his gifts!

The party after the party

After his party we came home and he opened some gifts from family.
Opening a card from Justin.
Big brother helping him read his cards.
A K'Nex set!
Another Pokeball!
A DS Action Replay!
Tearing off the paper
It's a big Pokemon set!
Thank you everyone! He loved his gifts!!!

Birthday party

We had Jarin's birthday at Chuck-e-Cheese. About 8 classmates came as well as Weldon and Brynn. He had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of it!

Click to play Jarin's 6th B'day party
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Birthday Boy

Our dear little Jarin had his 6th birthday on Friday.
I had to bring a "Birthday snack" to school, so I made these cupcakes.
Here is his cake. He wanted a Pokemon cake, but since I'm not skilled at Pokemon sketches, I ordered this edible icing from e-bay and had them personalize it. All you do is put it on the cake.:)

Ladies Lunch

Marissa threw a wonderful "appetizer" lunch for some of us ladies last week. The food was wonderful and we had a great time! Thanks Marissa!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Space Center Houston

The kids and I had a great day with Kayleen N., her kids and Kylie (a friend from AZ). We toured Johnson Space Center with them. 'Tis a fun and educational place to see!

Click to play NASA Space Center Housto
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New Year's Day Evening Reception

Paul and Paula H. hosted a nice wedding reception/going away party for Alan and Jeannie S.
The M. siblings visiting (Doug and Tonya)
These aren't in order...

Cutting the cake
Jeannie and Alan S.
Happy couple
Jeannie gained a step daughter and step son too. Callie with her Dad and step Mom.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcoming 2009!

We had a wonderful time over at Chet and Kayleen N.'s house on New Year's evening. Although I forgot my camera, Patty took some pictures, so click here to see them. It was great to see Stephanie K. again too. She was in CO (still is) when we lived in Utah. We enjoyed spending time with her at Riverton preps the 2 years we lived in Utah. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!