Thursday, October 30, 2008

Look really closely...there is a ghost in this car commercial. If you blink, you might miss it!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Camping we did go...

We had a great time last weekend camping with the Scouts (aside from a nasty head cold that I came home with). Here's a few pictures for ya'!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

REI's PEAK program

This week we had the REI outreach coordinator (and assistant) come out and explain the 7 principles of "Leave No Trace". This was particularly informative considering we've got a couple upcoming camping trips. The kids enjoyed it and I think everyone learned something. PEAK stands for "Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids". I learned about this free program through my sister, Tami, who also teaches these classes in Washington state. It's great for any elementary level groups.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wonderful days

We had 4 wonderful days of rest at Georgetown. Now to put it into practice!
This is Mike with Dean and Lois B. from North Dakota. Lois is a cousin to my Mother-in-law. Dean is a brother to Al (& Naomi) who's daughter and I were best friends growing up.
Another picture of Dean and Lois
My cute little boys on Sunday. Jarin had a couple battle scars from trying to climb the barbed wire fence with the big boys.
Myself with Jana J. (Maxine's daughter). She is such a sweet gal. We really enjoyed hearing her and hope to someday get to NE to meet the rest of the family!

Scary creatures that live at our house

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend's cleaning

O.K., so this weekend, I got the blinds cleaned in the dining room. I'm also washing the inside windows as I go which helps when little hands are touching them all the time.:) I also wiped down the inside of my oven. It needs to be cleaned as well, so we'll put that on the upcoming agenda. Mike also tackled the garage this weekend, so it's a little more in order than it was. Forgot to mention that a couple weeks ago, I managed to take everything down and dust and clean the greenery that lives above our cupboards in the kitchen. Trivia question: How many spider can weave webs above your cupboards? Answer: A lot!:) Haven't gotten much done today in the way of cleaning as this week we will be at conv., so much to do and pack.
And to answer the Zune question, yes, it's like an IPOD, although it's Microsoft's version and it has an FM receiver (which I love for going to the gym). I had an IPOD Nano, but like this much better. Mike has taken the Nano to use for his business trips.:) The picture below is a bread maker. Have a good week everyone!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Clean along with me!

I don't know if it's the cooler fall air, the sunny days, or the fact that I have 8-9 extra guests coming for Thanksgiving, but I've got the "fall cleaning" bug. See, around here, I don't do much spring cleaning. Sure I do some, but not as much as in the fall as this is the time when our Southern weather is nice and I enjoy opening up the windows and actually doing something. So, for the past few days and for the coming month, I'm going to try to post my daily cleaning tasks on here and see how many of you want to follow along. It doesn't take long every day to accomplish having the house in tip/top shape (not that mine is or will ever be), but we can try, can't we? I'm not talking about the usual tasks such as cleaning the bathroom (although I may add that to the list eventually too), but I'm talking about the things we hate to do...nitty gritty cleaning. I'll post my accomplishments and if you want to post yours in the comments or on your blog...whatever works for you. If I'm held accountable for daily cleaning, it'll get done!
So, here goes. This past week, I've started on the blinds. We have these real wood blinds, making it impossible to take them down and hose them off, so they have to be done painstakingly by hand. Here is one I finished last night (again...proof that I'm actually doing this). I'd show the before picture, but you'd groan!
Whoo...they look dust bunnies on these. I've managed to do the kitchen and laundry room in all of 3 days. I'll start on the dining room next.
Oh, and you will need copious amounts of this stuff nearby...

Good luck and I can't wait to clean along with my fellow bloggers!:)

One of my Birthday gifts

From my DH...He also bought me a Zune. Yes, I know...I got royally spoiled this year!
Need I say more?

What the craze is around here

These are Pokemon trading cards. You can also play games with them as each card has energy for attack against other Pokemons. They also "evolve" into other things and roll themselves up into a "Pokeball" as well. Don't ask's a kid thing. All the neighbor kids have them and they trade them at school, after school, on the bus etc.
Anything over 100 (such as this one) is a good Pokemon card. Anyone elses kids have the fever?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Absolutely smashing!

O.K., so that was so much fun, I decided to yearbook my husband...Don't tell him, O.K? It'll just be our little secret.:)
Carl, is that you? 1964
In the big glasses and skinny tie
Doin' the wave in 1952 (actually I think he looks a bit like my brother-in-law, Vil, in this one)
He gained some weight in 1998 for the football team. This picture cracks me up because anyone who knows us, knows that my husband doesn't have an ounce of fat on him.
This picture from 1994 actually kind of looks like his yearbook picture, although he wore his bangs down on his forehead.
Showing his preppy side in 1992
Another crack up. This is 1988, the year he graduated from high school. While he didn't wear this mullett hair do, I'd say about 90% of the guys in his yearbook had the look.
And last, but not least, I leave you with hippie Mike from 1976.
Now, go forth and wow others at

Monday, October 6, 2008

Through the years...yearbook style!

Tara and Tami got me going on this. Talk about hilarious!
Here I am in 1958...lookin' just like Betty Crocker!
And 1966...with the bouffant hair do!
And here we have 1974...lookin' real a flower child...peace baby!
To achieve this look in put a bowl over your head and pull out the gigantious curling iron and curl the perimeter of the bowl. Release the bowl and tease the ends...Whoo hoo lookin' good!
Unfortunately this was close to my real look...circa 1990
To see just how adorable you can be go to

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday friend(s)!

Thirty something years ago my Mom sent a birth announcement about her bouncing baby girl to her friend Delberta T. In return, she got one back about the birth of Ron and Delberta T.'s bouncing baby girl. Twenty something years later, the two bouncing baby girls paths crossed and they became friends. Happy Birthday, Carmen!! Hope you have a great day, my friend! Thanks to everyone for the well wishes yesterday! I had a great day! Oh, and Happy Birthday (today) too to Kristle W.! Rob and Kristle moved from Canada to Houston last year and we're enjoying having them here. Joyce, I hope you had a great one yesterday too! Glad to know we share our day!:)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Getting Old!

On Wednesday my husband came home and announced "I'm taking Friday off". "Why?", I asked. "For your birthday!". Oh yeah, I guess I'd forgotten I was getting older! See what happens the closer you creep to the big 4-0? Happy birthday to Anne M. and Relyssa (Maxine's daughter) too! Enjoy your days gals!