Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School!

Yesterday was the first day of school for the boys. Jarin's first day of Kindergarten too! Justin is in 4th grade!
Our little Kindergartner!
and the 4th grader!
In his classroom. He sits by Jacob another Scout buddy.
And here is Jarin in his little classroom! He did fine...all ready to learn. I found that the house was quiet when I got home too!
And with that, I leave you with a poem that I bought in the form of a sticker for scrapbooking. I just love this one. Very fitting for the day...
1st Day of School
We went to School today.
My little boy and I.
I worried all through breakfast,
afraid that he might cry.
I watched him walk away with pride,
and I was quite alone.
The tears I thought, would surely be his,
are indeed my very own!
Patsy Gaut

Congratulations to Wes and Jenny!

We have some newleyweds in our area now...Wes and Jenny D. There was a reception for them out at Chet and Kayleen N.'s house on Saturday night. Congratulations Wes and Jenny!
The beautiful cake
The kids had fun in the pool. Jarin takes a rest.
Chris and Laura helping Alex get in. He loved the water!
Poor Blake R. got attacked by Justin, Malia and Luke, but he didn't seem to mind too much.
Amberlee helping Jesse swim. Jesse was a natural swimmer!

Raingutter Regatta

These pictures aren't in order, but after the regatta, the leaders lined the rain gutters with liner and served the kids ice cream trough style! They had to keep their hands behind their backs while they ate. It was hilarious!
The water balloon fight...not a dry kid or adult out there!
Pack 101...they rented a moonwalk for the occasion too.
The adults filling the rain gutters with the ice cream
The Webelos 1 winner and fastest overall winner!
Webelos: Justin-1st place, Adam (right)-2nd place, and Tristan(left)-3rd place
Havin' fun in the ice cream
Not to be outdone in boat building, Jarin was upset that he didn't get to make a raingutter regatta boat. I headed to Michaels and found a wooden boat kit for $1. He had fun painting it and although it didn't get to race, he is happy with it.
Racing their boats. They blow them down the gutter with a straw!
All the boats
Justin's boat named "The Popcorn Sale"...It's a hydroplane style, but since the rules said it had to have the mast on, Mike glued it on. It's also got a lovely straw bumper, but it did the trick. The boat didn't tip over like others and it glided easily down the trough. The #542 was the $ in popcorn he'd sold by last weekend. He's now at close to $1000! He's hoping to be top in the district again this year in sales!
The fire dept. came out and explained fire safety to the kids before they were all hosed off! Keep in mind that it was in the high 90's so the water felt good!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rain, rain, go away!

The past week since we've been home, it's been literally, dumping buckets of rain! I emptied the same amount yesterday only to wake up to this again. Our poor plants and grass. The grass is growing mushrooms and fungus and the lemon tree is sporting black spots (fungus) too.
...and just in case that's not enough, we now have to keep an eye on Fay. Seems like it MIGHT be coming our way with more of this wet stuff. At this rate, we might have to invest in a boat!:) Hopefully we dry out soon!

Thanks Gina!

A great big "THANKS" to Gina for taking good care of the house and plants while we were on vacation! Because of her TLC we now have this beautiful green pepper growing! Gina, you're officially invited for fajitas, when it's full grown! Thanks again!:)

Hike to Palisade Falls

The boys on the bridge below the falls
Little hikers taking a rest

Skipping rocks in the Reservoir
The trail to Crescent Lake

Palisade Falls
Can you spot the boys?
One of 2 repellers on the cliff

Sunday morning pictures

The boys with Grandpa and Grandma
Our family

Beauty in a storm

I snapped these photos after the storm on Saturday night.
Wheat fields almost ready to harvest

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Virginia City/Nevada City

On Saturday Mike and I took the kids down to Virginia City and Nevada City. I don't remember ever being there, although Mom says we went when I was younger. We enjoyed our time there. Browsed in shop windows, went in a few stores, rode the train, went to the museums and panned for gold. It was a fun experience.
Click to play Virginia and Nevada City
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Bikers and fishermen

The boys had so much fun riding bikes. Abigail's old bike was a little big for Jarin, but he managed to do just fine on it. He and Mike would take nightly rides around the neighborhood and to the park.
Justin loved to ride Caleb's old bike too.
His biggest fishing catch...a bass. Grandpa took him fishing a couple times and he brought this home one evening when the power was out. Grandma and Grandpa fried it for him the next night and he had a taste.

Belgrade's Splashtown

Also on Friday, we took the kids to Splashtown, Belgrade's newest water park. The kids didn't last too long though as a storm was brewing and they said the water was too cold!

Friday's project

On Friday, the boys helped Daddy and Grandpa build shelves for Grandma. She has wanted some shelving for their crawl space for a long time, so they got some plywood and cut it and Mike installed it for her. Now she can get her crawl space organized!
Jarin, the builder
This is how the boys helped!
Cutting the wood