Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our visitor

This little guy was on our front porch yesterday.
Around here we like these little guys. They feed on the mosquitos that like to feed on us!
"Pardon me, but do you know you could save a bundle on car insurance?"...sorry...I couldn't resist!

Graduation/Retirement Party

Holly made this cake for Janet
and Janet made this cake for Holly!
I missed the best picture. Kent O. was actually up on this merry-go-round with the kids and as soon as Linda O. and I grabbed our cameras he hopped off. I don't know who was having more fun...him or the kids!
On Saturday we went to a Graduation party for Holly H. and a Retirement Party for her Mom, Janet.

Boys and their toys

Justin built a Ferrari
Jarin bought his first Star Wars Lego set. Justin has started a collection of Star Wars Legos and this is Jarin's first set for his collection.
They both love Legos...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

They did it!

Jarin with his instructor, Miss Kellie. She was Justin's instructor at Level 1 too! She's been teaching lessons for over 3 years!
Justin with his instructor, Jason.
Proud of his accomplishment

"I did it!"

The boys completed their American Red Cross swimming lessons today. Justin passed Level 4 and Jarin passed Level 1.

Biker boys

Jarin's definitely got the hang of biking. He loves to ride his bike. We need to get Mike a bike and we'll be able to do some evening rides.

Funny clouds

We had a strange afternoon storm the other day. The clouds changed color and Mike said they were swirling to the South of us. They were very low too.

Artists at work

Two crazy pirates
"The mess"

To ease the "boredom" of summer, we got out the markers and paints and the boys had a blast the other day just painting and coloring. I heard them laughing and came out to see what they were up to. They just couldn't resist coloring themselves with the markers...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Justin's cake and party pictures

The invitation

Cousins share a laugh

Our (almost) daily hang out

Our community pool and kiddie pool

Beauty of the hibiscus

They're blooming in the pots in my back yard.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday to our dear Justin!

He wanted his picture taken with the beaver in Bass Pro Shop

Those animals are interesting!
This monkey kept turning his head all over and the boys thought he was looking at them.
A Volcano! If you've never had one, I suggest you indulge with a friend or maybe 5 friends! It's probably a whole 9X9 pan of brownie layers with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate and carmel sauce. Something tells me I'll be getting on the treadmill tomorrow. Ah well, they only turn 9 once!
This little boy has an appetite and is working on eventually being able to eat an entire volcano by himself...oh and the chocolate on the face adds to the look!:)
How did those last 9 years go by? Very fast. It's hard to believe our oldest son is 9. We are very proud of all his accomplishments. He had straight A's all year in school and he'll start in a GT (gifted and talented) class next year. Today is his 9th birthday. Since Mike couldn't be here, I cooked him his favorite dinner (shrimp pasta and caesar salad) and then took him out to Rainforest Cafe for dessert...a Volcano! Here's a few photos and I'll post video tomorrow.

Swimming Lessons

Jarin kicking while holding the instructors hands
Justin takes a breath
That's Jarin with his head in the water and arms workin' it.
That's Justin in the white with his head in the water
Jarin doing the back kick with a kickboard
Yesterday was the first day of swimming lessons for the boys. I took these pictures today as well as some video that I'll post later on. They both love the water and enjoy the pool.

Opening gifts a little early

Now that's a birthday...when it's not even your birthday and you get stuff! I found 2 "Cars" cars that Jarin didn't have, so he got a little something from Mommy and Daddy too.

And..."Amptie Tami" and Uncle Vil gave him this one. Can you tell he's all about cars?
Fishing tackle set from Tami and Vil
A digital camera from Auntie Tami and Uncle Vil...he loves this and has almost used up all the memory!
Star Wars Lego set from Mommy and Daddy
Wal-Mart card from Great Uncle Randy
Wal-Mart card from G'ma Joani (he's been begging me to go to Wal-Mart as he has his eye on another Lego set there!)
Mario t-shirt from Jarin
Star Wars Lego Watch from G'ma and G'pa K.
Lego set from G'ma and G'pa K.
book from G'ma and G'pa K. It's signed by the authors and the Dog signed with his paw print!:)
Funny teeth from Tami & Vil
Justin opened some of his birthday gifts on Sunday evening as Mike is in Trinidad for his birthday (today)! Here's a sample of some of the goodies he received. We'll be having his party on Saturday evening. Thanks to everyone who sent stuff! He loves it!