Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday to Charlotte D!

Grandma helps Caroline eat a blue cupcake
The whole bunch of us (thanks to cameras with timers)...Jarin is missing and I'm not sure where he was (probably into the cupcakes).
A watersnake. They thought it was a moccasin, but upon closer inspection, I think it's a king snake. Any Texans out there who know what it is?
A friendly cardinal who was happy to eat the chips that the kids dropped.
They even flew kites and played baseball
Turtles in the bayou
The park had a beautiful fountain and small streams for the boys to wade in
Crossing the rocks
The look of surprise!
Jarin loves the red frosted cupcakes
Charlotte D's family planned a surprise party for her at a local park on Saturday evening. Her Mother-in-law asked her to go walking with her for exercise and little did she (Charlotte) know that they'd set up a picnic table with food and birthday cupcakes for her around the other side of the park.:)

Classroom Play-"The Crowded House"

Justin's classmate (and Scout pal) RJ was 'Wise Old Bartholomew'
The Crowded House
Bartholomew giving advice to the crowded family
Justin, the chicken
Justin's classroom put on a play last week called "The Crowded House". Justin was one of several chickens.

Austin Elementary Talent show 2008

Before the performance
Cute costumes...1st girl was a clam and the 2nd was an alligator, but somewhere along the line, she lost her mask.
Justin hopping away
Sorry about the blur, but we couldn't use flash either, so this was as good as I could get.
Justin participated in the talent show this year by hopping on his pogo stick. I would have loved to take some video of the performance, but they outlawed it this year as they hired a professional videographer. I would've ordered a video, but for $35 for one act, I figured the pictures would have to do.:)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last Scout Pack meeting of the school year

Our Cub master, Art, congratulating Den 5 on their achievements
Justin receives his awards
We had our last pack meeting last night. Our den earned their conservation badges and pins as well as a host of belt loops.

A most eventful evening

The boys were loving this! They didn't care that they already had their PJ's on, they wanted to sit in the big fire truck!

On Monday night I had a little scare. Our baluster went out on the florescent light in the master bedroom closet. It sizzled a little and sounded awful, so just to give me peace of mind (Mike was at an Astro's game with some co-workers((why does it always happen when they're gone?))), I called the fire dept. to come make sure it was o.k. to be in there as the smoky/burning smell was rather overwhelming. They came out, checked it out, disconnected it and said it would be o.k. until we replace it. They were nice enough to let the kids sit in the fire truck too. I had my camera handy, so I snapped a picture.


I've finally had some luck growing flowers from seed! These are zinnias that are just starting to bloom!
A zinnia in full bloom
I wish I could make this computer screen a "scratch-n-sniff" as the true beauty of these Dwarf Gardenia's is their smell. Notice I found a little table for the summer time tea/lemonade.:)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Katy Prairie Conservatory

Justin pounding the stakes in with a mallett
Jarin just likes to hang around with his little friend Nick (they'll both start Kindergarten next year).
Jarin and his pals, Madison (3) and Nick (5)...they're brother and sister
Justin snacking on goldfish
Working hard in the 92 degree heat

The Scouts spent time at Katy Prairie Conservatory laying down landscape fabric to promote growth of native grasses. This will in time attract the native birds again. This was the final step for the boys to earn their "World Conservation" badge.

The beauty of the sky

How can a sky that can create so much...
hail, sleet...
and snow,...
be this beautiful at night?!

She did it!

Britney, Candace, Jamie and Samantha...good buddies/sisters
Anne made her delicious carrot cake and Jamie got a Florence Nightengale lamp when she graduated.
We sang "Happy Graduation to you" to her.:)
The cake is too cute!
The program
Congratulations to Jamie M. for getting her R.N. degree. We wish her many sleepless nights in the ICU!:)
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Check it out

I've started a blog to share some of Justin's artwork. He really loves to draw and he had his artwork featured in the school's "Fine Arts Night" on Tuesday. I had to miss due to Grandma's funeral, but Mike said he drew a picture of a snake that was fantastic. See his link on the Left.

Since others are doing it....

I thought I'd share what I got for Mother's Day. Justin painted this little planter at school. There was a packet of seeds in the bag with the planter and a home made card. Due to the fact that I wasn't home for Mother's Day, I actually got it a little early. If it looks like it's taped, it is. He accidentally dropped it at school, so Mike helped him tape it up before he gave it to me. It's very cute and I'm hoping to plant in it soon! My Mother's Day was spent on the plane, but I did manage to get take out at The Cheesecake Factory, so I can't complain!:) I hope all you Mom's and Mom's-to-be had a great Mother's Day!