Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thoughts to Ponder

We've had a few thoughts we've pondered when we've read books to the kids. Here are a few:

-Is it always sunny ("down a sunny dirt road deep in bear country") at the Bearnstein Bear's house?

-What exactly is a "tuffet"? Apparently Miss Muffett liked to sit upon hers.

-Is there really a giant at the top of a big beanstock?

-Can Tigers (Tigger) really bounce? Or Rabbit's garden (Rabbit)? Or Pigs (Piglet) keep house?

-How can aardvarks (Arthur) be so smart?

-And last but not least...Where exactly does "the man with the yellow hat" go when he leaves Curious George to get into so much trouble?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mrs. I

Have you ever been browsing through old photos and you find one you think is too good not to post? I found this one of my sister. I thought I'd practice my Photoshopping skills with this one. Sorry Tami, but I couldn't resist!:)

His latest creation

Justin made a big tarantula out of legos. He loves building with these. Sorry about picture #2. I turned it around, but for some reason, it chose to post this way.:(

Monday, April 21, 2008

Crawfish boil

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Crawfish boil 4/21/08

I am experimenting with this new slideshow to see how it goes. Somehow it lost my captions. On Saturday the friends here had a crawfish boil. For those of you up North, who have never heard of this...these little critters are native to Louisiana. They feast on the rice stubble in the rice fields. Several years back, the farmers thought they should cook them and what they found was like a mini lobster/shrimp. There is not a lot of meat on them, but what there is is very tasty. You cook them in a big pot of crab boil. Add butter, potatoes, corn and lemon. We used a flatbed trailer covered in visqueen to toss them onto and the feast began. For those who don't like "mudbugs", there was other fare as well. We sang Happy Birthday to Stephan L. and Chet N.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The chairs

Thanks to all of you for your ideas. After consulting my DH, we decided to go with all color. Here they are on the porch. I think they turned out pretty well. Now I just need a little table to go with them and I'm set.:)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Opinions please...

For those of you who remember when we lived in East Texas, you might remember these chairs. They were left in Mike's first apartment that he lived in in Rockdale. I was about to dispose of them when I found out that wooden folding chairs are actually antiques! After looking at them taking up room in our closet, I decided to try to paint them and put them on our front porch. Trouble is, I can't decide. I put one coat of paint on and they look kind of good with the weathered look. I am debating whether to let them stay this way, or buy some more primer and make them a full off white color (this color is actually ivory, but it looks more white in the pictures). What do you think?
Here's where I have hopes of putting them. Now I just need a little bistro table and you all can come over for iced tea and lemonade in the summer!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Photoshopping just for fun...

We have several neighbors who have houses for sale and all of their Realtors keep sending us cards of their houses. One thing I noticed is that they take the picture of the house from the ground up, making the house look bigger than it actually is. I wanted to try this with ours to see what it looked like. Also, my husband surprised me with Photoshop last week, so I've been experimenting to see what all I can create. Here's my creation.:)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Answer to the "guess what it is"

It's a peach tree! We'll have ripe peaches soon if the birds don't beat us to them!

Our pet

Meet "Little Rudolph", the kids one and only pet (I know, sad, isn't it). He's a Purple Claw hermit crab. This particular kind of crab is native to Southern Florida (or in this case our house). I cleaned out his cage today so he was a bit active waiting in the water for me to finish. We've had him for over a year now. We got him at Christmas time a year ago (hence the reindeer on his back and the name "Little Rudolph"). Hermit crabs are nocturnal so you don't see much of them in the day time. They love to burrow under dirt/substrate/sand during the day, then come out at night to eat and drink (they drink with their feelers via the sponge). They actually retain water in their shells to help lubricate themselves. They are not very interactive pets, but fun to watch, nonetheless. Contrary to popular belief, hermit crabs don't pinch unless they feel threatened. We let this little guy crawl over our hands and he has never once pinched us. Hermit crabs are also very skilled climbers. They like a warm, moist, humid environment, so their cages must be misted periodically too.
A clean cage....aahhhhh
There he goes...up on the house top

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Guess what it is...

Close up of the buds
Close up of the leaves

Encore! Encore!

This is one of the Encore Azalea's that we planted in the back. Pictures don't do it justice. It's the most beautiful color of bright pink.

Canna lillies

They're blooming! These are the flowers I cut back to the ground this winter. They're very hardy down here. I originally planted them in hopes that they'd take over that big electrical box in the back yard. They're working on it!

They start driving at such young ages around here

We bought a new battery and charger for Justin's old truck. Jarin has thoroughly enjoys driving around in it as you can see.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My labor of love

The front beds
I pulled 2 huge yellow iris plants out of here. The 2 on the Left I kept.
One lone yellow iris on the corner. I pulled 3 from here.
The side flower beds
This walkway stone work is nice, but a real doozer if you take them out to weed and mulch as you kind of have to piece it back so it looks o.k.

The last 2 days I have stooped, sat, stood, hauled weight, and worked my fingers to the bone. No, I didn't join a yoga class (at least not yet). I worked in the yard! I established the rest of the borders in the front beds and put new mulch down. I took up the old mulch, leaves and weeds and bagged it, much to the garbage man's demise. He told me in broken English, not to load the bags so full next time (what can I say...they love me). He and I both had to throw the big one in the truck. Oh, and I also pulled out 5 yellow iris bushes. If anyone has any experience with these things, they can be a real winner to try to pull out as they send out roots everywhere. My husband had an idea to back up the truck to pull them out, but that was before he knew just what I was capable of. And speaking of my Dear Husband, he trimmed the shrubs last Saturday. Don't they look nice? Some lucky neighbor of mine with a truck drove by and asked if he could have the iris's. I was more than glad to have them out of the driveway! I also planted some Zinnia seeds where the iris's were and under the trees. Anyway, here's some proof that I actually did work.:)

Happy April Fool's Day!

An old story, but a good one. When I lived in Seattle, I worked for an OB/Gyn. We had a very serious, but easy going Ultrasound Technician who happened to be the only guy in the office. He had a portable UTS machine and he would come in on certain days to do UTS's on our pregnant ladies. One such day happened to be April 1st. Not to let an opportunity pass us by, the other receptionist and I made up a chart for a new patient by the name of "April Fewel". We penciled her on his schedule and put her chart up. Sure enough, he fell for it. "April Fewel", he called out to the waiting room. No one responded. "April Fewel", he said again. Surely he could figure this out, but by now, it was getting comical. I told him, "you'll have to speak up, she's hard of hearing". So, he did. "April Fewel" he said loudly. At that point several of the ladies in the waiting room started to snicker and he finally figured out what it was he was saying and turned every shade of red. We enjoyed the chuckle and surprisingly, he came to work the next day!:)