Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The coolest job!

About 6 months ago we got some new neighbors who moved in across the street. Mr. David has one of the most interesting jobs. At one point in time he was a volunteer firefighter who sold cell phones for a living. When the cell phone company couldn't guarantee him more than 20 hours of work per week, he decided to take 40 days off and take some tests to discover his passion. What he discovered was that he liked firefighting and he liked sales. To combine the two would be his ultimate career. Enter firetruck salesman. Yep, that's what he does. He gets to drive these new trucks around to the various fire stations and try to sell the Chief on all the bells and whistles of the new truck. He knows almost every fire chief in town. This is his "company vehicle" for the next 2-3 weeks until it sells. These trucks sell for anywhere from $200,000-$400,000. He brought it home so that the kids could check it out, and check it out they did! They got to turn the lights on and check out all the features. Then when they were done, he took them and one of our other neighbors for a ride. The kids were enthralled and Jarin said all he wants for Christmas next year is a firetruck!
Justin and Jarin with the neighbor boy Walker.
Future fireman, ready to go!
Justin havin fun checking out the pumps.

The cactus

"The desert blooms as paradise..."
This is Justin's little cactus that decided to bloom!

Lego talent

Click here to see Justin's latest creation. We continue to marvel at his ability to work through complex tasks such as putting this together.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day

We had a great day at Joel & Sarah's. The food was good and the kids enjoyed playing and opening gifts.
We found another singing Barbie for Brynn!
Justin got a Clue game so we're no longer "Clueless"
Jarin loved his Transformer
And Pokemon cards and a checkers game
Weldon got some "Hulk Smash Hands"
The Kujath kids are always so peaceful.
At least this one is...
Making a gingerbread house, which they proceeded to eat later on.

Close up of their creation.

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Sarah!

We were a little late with the Birthday gift, but better late than never! Sarah, happy cooking!
And a Starbucks card to enjoy when the kids are in school!!

Santa came!

Santa was hungry!
And thirsty!
An Indiana Jones whip
New Pogo stick
Indiana Jones sword and (plastic) knife set

Christmas Eve

Click to play Christmas Eve
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Making cookies

The boys had fun helping with the cookie making. This was the third batch we've made over the coarse of a month. Some went to school, some went in lunches, and some got eaten!:)
Baking in the oven
Justin, ever the cook, just loves this!
Jarin got in on the fun too.

Projects/Thank you!

Thank you Aunt Sarah for our fun craft projects! I worked on my Penguin and Snowman the other day. Justin still has to do his, but I had fun putting them together! Love, Jarin

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Justin's art entry

I wish I had a picture to go along with this entry, but I don't. I just wanted to tell you how proud we are of Justin. He has been selected from 6-9 or so kids in his school to have his artwork displayed at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo in Feb./Mar. From what I hear, he drew a birds eye view of the Alamo in great architectural detail. I'm anxious to see the picture, so we'll have to get tickets as it'll be on display at the Rodeo. I'm not sure about too many details as his art teacher told me she'd send home more details come January, but I did find out that he will win a ribbon, and if chosen to be one of the finalists, he could win $. When they are a Senior in High School, they have a chance at a scholarship. We're very proud of him and I'll post some pictures when I see it!:)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun with Jesse

We had a fun day keeping Jesse here so Paula could work on here test and she and Paul could have a night off. Uh oh...looked who got hooked on the Nintendo DS! P & P, you'll be needing to get one of these come next June!:)
He told me he was fighting off the bad guys.
The kids made a fort and had fun playing in there.
They were playing Pirates.

Katie's party

Jarin was invited to his 3rd birthday party this year for one of his classmates. Katie turned 6 and had her party at "Pump it Up". The kids had fun on the bounce houses and slides.
If ever there were action shots, these are them. This is Jarin and Amanda on the slide.
Going back up for more sliding
Upside down and backwards.

Justin's party

I spent the last 2 hours of the day in Justin's classroom decorating, serving pizza and helping out. The other Room Mom is in the blue. And we were fortunate to have a couple Dad's show up too. Mr. M (in the background) brought a plate of cookies and stayed around to help us call Bingo #'s. He is also a soccer coach, so it helped to have a loud male voice call out the #'s over the noise in there!
Justin playing bingo
Justin sits by Cody M. Cody is also in Justin's Scout Den.
The whole school at the jing-a-long.
Justin singing along.

Jarin's party

Jarin with his teacher, Mrs. L
Each Kinder. class had a craft or something to do for the first couple hrs. of school. The kids each rotated about every 45 minutes. In one classroom they made these jingle bell necklaces. They had pizza and decorated sugar cookies.
Here he is at the "Jing-a-Long". The whole school goes to the gym and they sing carols.
Even Santa came by the parties and passed out candy canes to the kids. (This was a fundraiser for the student body).
I spent the majority of my time in this classroom. We had about 6 Mom's show up to help in our classroom, but this room had only 2, so I stayed in here helping them make snowman magnets. Jarin accidently closed his eyes for this one, but you can see the snowman.