Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our week

It's been a busy one so far...Dentists, doctors etc. We just found out yesterday that our dentist is pregnant and due any day, so her schedule is day to day and fairly free, so we've been to the dentist yesterday and today to get these teeth cleaned and sealed. Then Jarin has managed to catch a cold and Justin complained of a sore throat, so off we went to the Dr., but just viral. We're hoping they're cleared up by M'town next week.

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Boyd Family said...

Glad you got the good news Justin is just fine. Cohen is better today as well, but still has a little temp. It was 104 during the night which is always a little scary! I think we will beg out tonight and hopefully Lachlan will not get the bug and we will be off tomorrow to M'town. See you next week!