Friday, August 31, 2007

A Friday funny for all you ladies out there...

A woman was walking down the street when she was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless woman who asked her for a couple of dollars for dinner. The woman took out her billfold, extracted ten dollars and asked, “If I give you this money, will you buy some chocolate with it instead of dinner?” “No,” I had to stop chocolate years ago, the homeless woman replied.
Will you use it to go shopping instead of buying food?” the woman asked. “No,” I don’t waste time shopping, the homeless woman said. “I need to spend all my time trying to stay alive.”
Will you spend this on a beauty salon instead of food?” the woman asked.
“Are you NUTS!” replied the homeless woman. “I haven’t had my hair done in 20 years!”
“Well,” said the woman, “I’m not going to give you the money. Instead, I’m going to take you out for dinner with my hubby and myself tonight.”
The homeless woman was astounded. “Won’t your hubby be furious with you for doing that? I know I’m dirty, and I probably smell pretty disgusting.”
The woman replied, “That’s okay. It’s important for him to see what a woman looks like after she has given up shopping, hair appointments, And chocolate.”

Monday, August 27, 2007

Future Kindergartner

Jarin won't be 5 until Jan., but after taking Justin to school this morning, he quietly was playing in Justin's room. When I checked in on him, he said he was practicing his letters. He didn't do too bad of a job. If anyone can "read" it though, you're doing better than I!

Back to School

First day of 3rd grade. His teacher is on maternity leave for 6-8 weeks, so they'll have a substitute (whom he knows as he had her a few days last year too) until his teacher returns.

Summer is over--the school year has begun
I've played and relaxed and had lots of fun.
Now I sit at my desk, ready to learn,
and hope that my teacher isn't too stearn.
Learning geometry, adverbs, and science is fun,
But I will be ready when 3rd grade is done!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

We have scored big this year!

Justin pitchin' it to 'em
Jarin at bat--trying to hit the water that squirts out of the base
Squeeze Play: 1. A play with a runner on 3rd base and no outs where the batter will hit a sacrifice bunt in order for the player on 3rd base to score; 2. The Astro's giant play area for kids
Notice the giant "orange" ball? Can you tell this is Minute Maid Park?
Hangin' out in the dugout with the players
The boys with the Astro's Hummer
How often do you see this? It's a Washington Nationals 1st base Player with a #21 Jersey and the Astro's Ty Wigginton with a #21 Jersey on first base!
The boys in the big bat
Havin' fun

So far we've been to 3 Astro's games. We've only bought tickets for one and the other 2 were freebies. On Thursday night Mike got 4 tickets in the 12th row up from the field. I don't know how many foul balls flew overhead, but none managed to land in our section.:( We got to the game a bit early but managed to find free parking and went in and let the kids play in the "kids area" called Squeeze Play. They thoroughly enjoyed it and I don't think we'll be able to go to another game without first going to the play area again (now that they know it's there)!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tues. and Wed.

Justin and his fish
Justin with G'ma Joani
Amptie Tami fixing up the poles to fish
Playing soccer at G'ma Joani's with the boys

The boys had fun beachcombing and playing with the Supersoaker that G'ma Joani got them
The "Star" fisherman
G'ma Joani made a great lunch of taco salad and brownies for dessert
One of the starfish that Mike caught

We got into Seattle on Tues. and ate lunch at South Center before stopping into Tami's work. She had left for the day so we just missed her. We headed up to Mom's place and spent the evening with her. On Wednesday we went up to Camano Island State Park with Mom and Tami. Tami brought the salmon poles and the boys tried their luck at fishing. Mike caught 2 Sun Stars (starfish) before we managed to catch a few little Capezon rock fish (too small to keep). Was a fun day of picnicing, beach combing and fishing. There was even a harbor seal frolicking around so we watched him hunt for the same fish we were trying to catch!


Cheryl H., Myself, Karen T., Christina R., Katrina K., and Cheryl B.

We spent 4 days at M'twn. Was wonderful to be back again. Even got a picture of most of us B'ham girls. We all lived there in our college days (about 15 years ago). We were missing Carmen F. and Susan R. Thanks to Kim S. and Kathy T. for taking these. Kim kept saying that she was like our college Mom, but we all agreed that she was way too young for that. She was more like a big sister with little kids then.:)

The pipe organ at the Curiosity shop

The boys enjoyed this...Jarin said he's playing his horn!


Riding the carousel

Watching the player piano and finding some "curious" objects! Sylvester the mummy

Jarin likes this octopus

Dinner at the Ol' Spaghetti Factory
Mike, Mom and my Uncle
Fun tide pools; Squishy Anemonie
The giant octopus

We had a great day on Monday. We ate lunch at Ivars then headed to the Waterfront in Seattle where we met my Uncle Randy (he'd walked on the ferry). We went to the Curiosity shop, the Bay Pavillion carousel, the Seattle Aquarium then on to the Ol' Spaghetti Factory for dinner.


With a 645 year old Douglas Fir stump
The rain drums
Up at the falls
Vil, Tami and Summit


The boys hand fed the ducks
The Space Needle from Lake Union
Justin, Tami and I rowing along

We had another fun day on Tuesday. We started out by meeting Tami in Seattle at UW. We went on down to the Agua Verde Paddle Club and rented kayaks. We rowed under the bridges and out onto Lake Union. Then we headed over to Gasworks park and fed the ducks (we'd brought some bread), before we rowed back. We spent an hr. and 20 minutes rowing before heading back to North Bend and meeting Vilnis for lunch. Then it was off to Cedar River Water shed to check out the raindrums. They pipe the rain in through these thin tubes and it hits the drums creating quite a drum melody. After that we headed out to Twin Falls State Park for some hiking. We hiked about a mile and a 1/2 in to the falls and back. Then it was on to Tami & Vil's new house! T'was a great day!

Watchin' Planes

We stopped in at Starbucks at the Airport before out flight left Seattle. We ordered then looked to see where Jarin was. Here he was...looking out the window in facination at the planes coming in. I couldn't resist the picture!

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Minute Maid Train

Fireworks go off and this train drives across the track when one of the Astros scores a home run.

Scouts day at the Astros

The boys on the field
Looking at home base from outfield

Walking the field
Stephen Randolph signing our baseball
Astro's bullpen

We had a fun time at the Astros game. They rolled out the red carpet for Craig Biggio as he's made the 3000 hit mark. This has only been accomplished by about 27 other players. He actually hit a home run during the game too, bringing his total hits to 3029! The scouts were allowed out on the field before the game. We managed to get an autograph from Stephen Randolph, one of the pitchers.

His latest drawing

It's Hammie from "Over the Hedge". Not bad for only being 8!:)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Our little artist

A Leopard shark
The making of the komodo dragon

Justin is at it again, this time drawing a character from "Over the Hedge". I'll post it when he's done. Here are some of his other drawings.